Work in France | Everything you need to know

mars 16, 2022




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France, the love country, as the most touristic country in the world, France has beautiful landscapes, attractions and a variety of things that makes you wonder why you didn’t go before. It’s an historical place, as many European countries, with its majestic Eiffel tower and more than 40.000 castles, France tells you its history through their buildings.

If you want to travel, France must be one of your destinations, it has beautiful mediterranean beaches, you can go skiing in the alps or rather feel like a royal in one of their many castles. Whatever you want to do, you will find it in France.

Living in France allows you to appreciate the beauty not only of their landscapes but worldwide known artists, like Davinci, Picasso, Monet, Rodin and many more, with famous buildings, and delicious food, no wonder why France is recognized as a cultural country. Its famous culture is not only external but also internal, If you like to get into deep conversations about culture, politics, economics and more, then any french coffee shop is right for you, since they love to enter into these queries on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re planning to find a summer job in France or having a sabbatical there to explore the entire country without worrying about exhaust your savings, we can help you with that and all the relatives to move to France, like finding a rent over there that suits your needs and giving you assistance with any doubt you may have, completely free, to assure a good travel.

fashion in parisThe basic (and not so basic) facts about France

Paris, the French capital, is known for its fashion houses (being the city with more fashion houses in the world), also the Louvre Museum is located here and majestic monuments like the Eiffel tower. Besides their beautiful landscapes, artistic and historical heritage, France is the home of wine and champagne, and it’s renewed for its sophisticated cuisine. That’s why France it’s the most tourist country in the world, with more than 90 million tourist in 2019, french people even prefer to visit within their country on holidays over foreign ones

Cultural Traits about France you need to know

Family is a high value in French culture, while living in France it’s common to see family gatherings at weekends or share a coffee during the day with a brother or sister. The motto of french community is “Liberty, Equity and Fraternity” meaning their most important value is to see each other as family, keeping the rights of everyone to do what they want to as long as they don’t disturb others, this is why you may find singular the french lifestyle, but once you understand their ways it’s easy to adapt.

Being the house of art, french value the sophistication and artistic traits till the point that is not only part of their architecture but also it is part of their life, their way to talk,  walk, eat and exist.

French Cuisine

French cuisine – The unique gastronomy worldwide awarded.

The gastronomy in french is known worldwide for its variety and diversity of flavors as a result of centuries of cuisine evolution between their many villages, each of them with unique traditions and tastes, compose what is today a patrimony of humanity since UNESCO listed the french gastronomy in the intangible heritage of humanity in 2010.

But this is possible thanks to the cultural traditions in the french family about sharing this ancestral information to the little ones, since the tastes, the relevance of odors, the order in which each plate must be served till how to put the different cutlery, fold the towel, knowing the use of each glass and more rituals that are common in the french kitchen.

Work in France

As we told before, if you’re looking to find a job in France we can help you with that, as an agency focused on languages, we provide job offers in most Scandinavian and European languages in all European countries, and with our years of experience, we can assist you in how to move over all of these countries without fail in the attempt.

The working culture in France is guided by principles of hierarchy, tradition and attention to detail, they tend to be analytical and bureaucratic, making the process slow but they do it to make sure everything’s working fine.

Also, to work in France as a foreigner it’s quite common to see since it has a very welcoming attitude towards expats, with 2,4 million EU migrants making it the third country in the EU with more EU migrants. However, it will be very helpful if you know the language but it’s not a limiting factor to work there depending on your type of job. However, for work permits, or any other documentation request we recommend finding someone who speaks french fluently since most public officers don’t manage other languages.

Paris city at night

Work in Paris

Find a job in Paris may be a tiresome quest since the market is very competitive. Although it has some of the biggest companies, the economy has been considered stagnant, but recently with the bureaucratic changes in the process to create new business, there’s a boom of start-ups, making of Paris the second largest start-up hub in Europe

Taxes in France

As a European citizen we recommend you to register your residency, even if it’s not legally required to stay and work in France, then you need to register in the tax office, filling the form 2043 to get a tax ID, you can find more information here about how to fill this form and this way it will be easier for you, in the long run, the whole process of paying taxes. In case you have to pay taxes, they are progressive taxes between 11% to 45% for income rates over €10.225

Finding a home in France

Finding where to live in France will depend of the city you will be working in, however here you have some major tips you must know. 

  • Rent on Airbnb the first days: Airbnb is a cheaper way to rent the first days while looking for something better but the big deal with this is that you could actually find a permanent rent with this method.
  • Networking: Networking is the key to finding real opportunities, use social media to find groups of people renting in your area, tell your coworkers that you’re looking for an apartment or to share rooms, or if they know anyone who you can contact with.
  • NEVER send money before: If you haven’t seen personally the apartment by yourself we strongly recommend not sending money before at least that it comes from a very safe source, and even in those cases you can get into an agreement with the proprietary to wait for your coming before paying.
  • Sign up online sites: You may find some good options looking on renting sites like,,, and an extra tip, there’s an app that summarizes all options of other sites, it’s called JINKA. Also, we recommend you to avoid English sites or sites that are initially in English, because these types of sites use to have higher prices because they know you’re a foreigner. So let’s keep on with google automatic translation.
  • Prepare your documentation: It’s important to have your dossier done, a folder with all the papers landlords will ask you which is a copy of your passport, your contract, and a letter from a garant. A garant is someone who compromises to pay for you in case you can’t. Landlords use to ask for a french garant so keep that in mind. Also, it’s important to know that all documents, except your passport, must be in French or translated to French.

Work Abroad

Why Here?

As you can see France has a huge population of expats living there, as a multicultural country you will be able to know people of all the cultures, but not only that, the culture among the French is something worldwide recognized, being able to learn their ways to work, their attention to details and perfectionism will help you to improve your skills in any field for sure. The experience that brings you living in France regards the culinary aspect, fashion, art and life will be something to value the rest of your life. 

With all this you’re now more prepared to live and work in France, giving you the adventure of your life and knowing people from all over the world. Remember that we can help you find a job in France by just sending us your C.V. If you don’t know yet how to do an international C.V, you can check our CV builder section, fill in the question and it will be done in 5mins!.