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Avoid getting scammed by fake job posts on social media

Going on the adventure of a lifetime by working abroad is becoming increasingly popular – especially for young people. And sadly, the amount of fake profiles, scammers, and IT-criminals tends to rise with it. So if you have a fear of getting scammed by getting job offers from a Facebook profile that turns out to be fake – then keep reading. Here we will provide you with some very useful tips and information on how to navigate this jungle, and get you safely to your dream destination and job!

What do the scammers want?

The scammers and IT-criminals are basically trying to take advantage of hopeful and eager jobseekers by using scam job posts as bait – sometimes pretending to represent well-established recruitment companies. The goal for them is to get personal data from you, and essentially also money. They will cover up their requests for this information by claiming it’s for e.g. setting up accounts for salary, or for you to pay for some costs related to the employment.

What can I do to avoid getting scammed?

We have gathered our best advice on how to avoid scammers on social media. Furthermore, we will elaborate on what we actively do at Job Squad to avoid scammers at all times!

Take a look at the Facebook profile: If the profile or company does not have a profile picture (or e.g. a logo) and if they don’t have any friends or followers, and everything is recently created or without any activity? Then you’re probably looking at a fake profile. Remember, you can also look up the person on LinkedIn to see if the information matches. If they claim to be an official company you should check the official website. If you want more information on how to spot a fake Facebook account you can click here.

  • All of our Job Squad members can be found on our website with name, picture, and contact information, so if you’re in doubt you can always cross check through our official website.

Verify Recruiters and Agencies: If you have any hesitation, or something seems just slightly off we recommend that you do some research on the legitimacy of the recruiter and/or agency offering the job. You can even call the company to verify that it’s legit or check their official website, read reviews, and search for any red flags. A legitimate company will have a professional online presence and verifiable contact information – and you will always be able to get in contact with a legitimate company.

  • At we have all of our available job posts online. We are a recruitment agency, but we also handle a lot of larger job search groups on Facebook across Europe. So if you are in doubt, or you see suspicious posts, then please let us know. Contact the admin of the group and ask them to help verify the job posts or recruiters. Admins handle issues like this everyday, and at Job Squad we are happy to help investigate, to ensure you have a good and safe experience when looking for a job.

Trust your instincts: If something feels off, CHECK IT OUT. Many work from home jobs are scam because it’s something a lot of people are looking for. This makes it the perfect bait for scammers trying to get your data one way or another. Scammers often rely on pushing you into hasty decisions. Take your time, research thoroughly, and maybe discuss with friends and family before committing to anything. 

Reality-check on expected salary and perks: If the job offers sound too good to be true, they are probably fake. Scammers often promise unrealistically high salaries, extremely fancy accommodations, and exaggerated benefits. While working abroad can sometimes be economically beneficial, it’s important to remain realistic. Do your research or ask us for advice on what income to expect in your chosen destination and the specific type of job! 

NEVER transfer money or pay to get a job: Legitimate employers will never ask you to pay for a job offer, work permit, or visa processing. If you’re requested to send money upfront, it’s a flashing warning sign. No one will ever need your payment information before you have signed a contract, and neither will they need your address or your birthdate; they are not going to send you a birthday gift, and the process of signing your contract is done via email nowadays.

  • And we can’t stress this enough: Our service and help through the entire process from job application, moving and working abroad is 100 % FREE for you. No hidden agendas or fees. And you can always contact us and visit our website for any information you may need. Remember that it is always better to ask one extra time if you’re insecure about anything.

We only work with trusted companies: At Job Squad we care about you AND we care about our clients. We put a huge effort into matching the right people with the right companies , to ensure that everything from applying for the job, signing the contract, and relocating is running smoothly, and thereby keeping all of us happy and satisfied! If you’re not sure about how legit the company is you can always go to glassdoor or trustpilot; these can be good indicators to see if a company is real or not.

Personal information you should and shouldn’t share: Never share your full address with anyone or in a CV, and never state your full date of birth on your CV. E-mail address, Skype ID, and phone number (with country code) can be shared. You can click here if you are interested in more information about what to share and what to omit from your CV.

Help make job search on social media safer: We are actively and constantly trying to combat scammers and if you ever see anything suspicious we encourage you to contact the admins of specific groups, and always report and block the profiles.

Concluding remarks from us

With all of the above being said, we still strongly encourage you to take the leap and follow your international dreams! Working abroad is an extremely valuable and life-changing experience that you will always remember. Therefore, ensuring the legitimacy of the many exciting offers on the international job market is the first step towards a successful career and adventure abroad. All team members at Job Squad have tried working and living abroad in the same types of jobs we offer! Therefore, they have firsthand experience and valuable insider knowledge to share with you concerning any doubts you may have! We have been in your shoes, and we have probably had the exact same thoughts and feelings, so we’re always up for a talk about whatever is on your mind.

If this article has left you with inspiration, questions, or needs, you can always contact us on or have a look at all of our helpful recruiters on our website – we’re ready to assist you on your adventure!