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Experience a new culture, boost your CV, and enhance your English with a gap year job abroad. Start your new adventure with Job Squad in a cool European destination!

At Job Squad we cooperate with large companies all around Europe and these companies provide a language based service to big worldwide brands, like Netflix, Audi, Canon, Zalando, and many more. So if you want a gap year job for a cool company, we have several options. The jobs are based in another country because it is cheaper for a company to have all languages based together in one office, than having small offices in each country all over Europe. So you will have colleagues from everywhere but you will  be working in your own native language, supporting customers from your country.

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Gap year job abroad with Job Squad

Are you soon graduating and are you not sure what to study? Do you need a break from the books? Maybe you want to improve some language skills before continuing your studies?

No matter your reason we are here to help you find a cool gap year job abroad.

In most gap year  jobs you do not need work experience in the field since you will get the needed training. All you need is courage and will-power, and also speak and understand basic English – and your native language of course.

We will help you with paperwork and make sure you feel comfortable and safe on your journey. We only work with trusted companies and ensure that what we promise is also delivered.

So if you are tired of everyday life and questions about your future, try to shake it up a little and dare to do something fun and different! 

1. Contact us

Tell us what you like, are you more into sun or snow? How long do you want to be away? Are you looking for specific  work abroad programs? Do you need some inspiration? We can help you to find the perfect job and destination.

2. Make an English CV

It’s something we help you with for free. You can also use our online CV Builder, which can be found on our website. 

3. Interview & test

Your interview will be in English and there may also be some tests. Your recruiter will help you prepare and guide you. 

4. Pack and go!

Your recruiter will be there even after you get hired. They can advice you and where to look for an apartment, and get you in contact with other people at the same destination. We make sure you feel right at home.

How can I get a job abroad in my gap year?

Do you want help to apply for a job abroad in your gap year? Job Squad is specialised in helping young people get a job abroad!

Our job is to make sure we find a location and job that you find interesting for your gap year job abroad. And yes, our help is completely free! We support you in everything from the making of your CV, prepping you for the job interview, and we also introduce you to people who are moving to the same destination.

We have many gap year jobs in popular destinations like Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, and Czech Republic.

Candidates and their gap years

Read the review of some of our happy candidates who took a job abroad!

If you are thinking about a sabbatical or have plans for a job abroad, I would definitely recommend a job at JobSquard. The experience for me has been fantastic. They have been good at informing me about everything, and you are in very good hands at JobSquard. I would always recommend them if you are up for something new.
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Olatunji Benz Ogungbade
Great service and coaching by Karlo! Very professional in his work helping candidates find a good working position.
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Juan Kelly
Highly recommended! I was contacted by Job Squad via LinkedIn and was looked after very trustingly and professionally right from the start. I was helped very intensive to prepare for my first online job interview and my recruiter, Christiane, is really there for me at any time, even today after signing the employment contract. 5 Stars and a big thank you!
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Silke G.

Take a gap year abroad with a friend or partner

Are you and your best friend or partner ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Get unforgettable experiences, personal growth and a CV boost. With our many different available gap year jobs across Europe, we offer you the opportunity to explore different countries and cultures with your best friend or partner.

At Job Squad we understand the importance of shared experiences and the big impact they can have on friendships. That’s why we encourage you to speak to one of our recruiters, who can provide you with all the necessary information on how  to work abroad together.

So, are you ready for a work adventure? Reach out to us today and let the journey begin.

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Absolutely! Taking one or more gap year(s) can be a beneficial and life changing decision. It provides an opportunity to pause, reflect, and explore different paths before continuing your academic or professional journey. Many individuals have found great value in taking a break to gain new experiences, develop skills, and set goals. It can be a time for personal growth, self-discovery, and the pursuit of passions that may not align with a traditional education. Ultimately, the decision to take a gap year should be based on your own aspirations, interests, and circumstances. If you feel like taking one or more gap year(s) align with your goals and provides an opportunity for growth and exploration, then it is absolutely recommendable to do it!

A gap year is typically considered to be a one-year break from formal education or work, hence the term “gap year”. However, the duration of a gap year varies. Some people may choose to take a shorter gap period, such as a few months, while others extend it beyond a year. The key aspect of a gap year is the intentional break from the regular routine to explore alternative experiences and gain personal growth. The duration of a gap year ultimately depends on what you want to achieve during that time and how it fits into your future plans.

There are almost endless opportunities for acitivities during a gap year. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Travel: Explore different countries and new cultures to broaden your horizons. Consider backpacking, volunteering, or participating in cultural exchange programs.

  2. Volunteer or community service: Dedicate your time to meaningful causes. Engage in community service projects, work with nonprofit organisations, or contribute to initiatives that align with your interests and values.

  3. Work experience: Gain real-world experience and develop practical skills in fields that interest you, or in a new country of your choice. This can help you explore potential career paths and build your professional network.

  4. Learn a  new language: Improve your language skills. Consider language immersion programs or courses offered in countries where the language is predominantly spoken.

All of these options can furthermore be combined if you choose to take a gap yar job abroad! Have a look at all of our available jobs HERE.

Universities appreciate a wide range of gap year activities, as they recognise the value of experiential learning and personal growth that can occur during this time. While specific preferences may vary among universities, here are some types of gap year activities that universities often look for:

  1. Structured programs: Participation in structured gap year programs, such as organised volunteer programs, language immersion courses, cultural exchange programs, or research projects, showcases your commitment to personal and intellectual growth.

  2. Volunteer and community service: Engaging in meaningful volunteer work demonstrates your dedication to making a positive impact on communities. It could involve local or international service projects addressing social, environmental, or humanitarian issues.

  3. Internships or work experience: Pursuing internships or part-time jobs relevant to your academic or career interests showcases your motivation, initiative, and practical skills development.

  4. Independent research or projects: Undertaking independent research projects, academic studies, or personal projects during your gap year demonstrates intellectual curiosity, self-motivation, and the ability to work independently. It can show your capacity for critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

  5. Travel: Exploring different cultures, countries, and perspectives through travel or living abroad can broaden your worldview and enhance your intercultural competence. Universities value the exposure to diverse experiences and perspectives that come from immersive travel.

  6. Entrepreneurial ventures: Initiating and running your own business, social enterprise, or community project demonstrates qualities such as leadership, innovation, and initiative. It showcases your ability to take calculated risks and think entrepreneurially.

  7. Personal development and skill building: Engaging in activities that foster personal growth, such as learning a new language, developing artistic talents, or getting technical skills highlights your commitment to self-improvement and a well-rounded education.

  8. Leadership and civic engagement: Taking on leadership roles in community organisations, clubs, or youth groups exhibits your ability to lead and collaborate effectively. It demonstrates your commitment to making a difference in your community and developing teamwork skills.

Remember, universities value the depth of your experiences, the lessons learned, and the personal growth achieved during your gap year. It’s important to document and articulate the skills, knowledge, and insights gained through your activities in your application materials, such as essays or letters of recommendation.

While universities appreciate gap year experiences, it’s essential to research the specific policies and preferences of the universities you plan to apply to. Some universities may have guidelines or requirements regarding gap years, so be sure to review their admissions websites or contact their admissions offices for accurate and up-to-date information.

When encouraging your friend to take a job abroad with you during your gap year, it’s important to present the opportunity in a compelling and enticing way. Here are some steps to help you convince your friend:

  1. Research and gather information: Gather as much information as possible about the job abroad, including the location, company, job responsibilities, and potential benefits. Present this information to your friend to highlight the exciting aspects of the opportunity.

  2. Highlight personal growth: Emphasize the personal growth and transformative experiences that can come from working abroad. Talk about the chance to enjoy a different culture, learn new languages, develop global perspectives, and gain valuable skills that can enhance future academic and career prospects.

  3. Share success stories: Share success stories of individuals who have had positive experiences working abroad during their gap year – you can see reviews HERE. Talk about how it enhances independence, adaptability, cross-cultural communication skills, and a global network. Show how it can be a stepping stone to future opportunities.

  4. Address concerns: Your friend may have concerns or hesitations about taking a job abroad. Take the time to address these concerns and provide reassurance. Talk about safety measures, support systems, financial considerations, and any other factors that may alleviate their worries.

  5. Adventure and fun: Highlight the adventure and fun aspects of working abroad together. Talk about the exciting places you can explore, the new friends you will  meet together, and the memories you’ll make. 

  6. Offer support and collaboration: Assure your friend that you’ll be there to support and navigate the journey together. Discuss how you can collaborate, share accommodation, and make the most of your time abroad. Highlight the opportunity to strengthen your friendship while experiencing something extraordinary.

  7. Customise it: Be flexible and open to customising the plan based on your friend’s interests and preferences. Discuss the job options that align with their skills or areas of interest, ensuring they feel invested and excited about the opportunity.

  8. Be Patient: Give your friend space to express their thoughts, concerns, and reservations. Listen attentively and address any doubts they may have. Be patient throughout the conversation, as they may need time to process and consider the idea.

Remember that the decision to take a job abroad during a gap year is a personal one. Respect your friend’s choice if they decide it’s not the right opportunity for them. It’s important to maintain a supportive and understanding attitude regardless of their decision. We are ready to help you get a job abroad with or without a friend!

Job Squad can provide valuable assistance and support during your gap year in various ways:

  1. Job placement: Job Squad can help you find suitable job opportunities abroad that align with your interests, skills, and desired location. They can connect you with employers and assist in the application process, increasing your chances of securing a job.

  2. Cultural orientation: Moving to a new country for work can be overwhelming. Job Squad can help you navigate the local customs, traditions, and norms. We offer insights into the local culture, provide language resources, and help you adapt to your new environment. We have also worked abroad, and many of us are still working abroad, so we can relate to your new situation.

  3. Accommodation assistance: Finding accommodation abroad can be challenging. Job Squad can assist you in finding good housing options, whether it’s arranging shared accommodations with other young people or recommending reliable housing services in the area.

  4. Visa and legal support: Depending on the country and the duration of your job, you may need assistance with visa applications and understanding legal requirements. Job Squad can provide guidance on visa processes, necessary documentation, and compliance with local regulations.

  5. Pre-departure prepping: Job Squad can offer pre-departure training and help you prepare for your gap year experience. 

  6. Ongoing support: Throughout your gap year, Job Squad can provide ongoing support and troubleshooting. Whether you encounter challenges with your job, need advice on personal matters, or have questions about working abroad, we can help.

  7. Networking Opportunities: Job Squad may have a network of other individuals or previous gap year participants who can offer insights, advice, and potential networking opportunities. This can be valuable for building connections, expanding your professional network, and making the most of your gap year experience.

It’s important to do some research yourself. Speak to our recruiters about what your dreams are, and what you might be nervous about. This way Job Squad can provide the best possible support and job abroad for you.

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