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Work abroad with Job Squad

Work abroad and get unforgettable memories. Experience a new culture, boost your CV, and enhance your English. Start your new adventure with Job Squad in your dream destination!

Our job and our goal

To put it simple; our job and our goal is to help you get a job and make your dream come true!

At Job Squad we cooperate with large companies all over Europe and a few other destinations worldwide. The companies we work with are safe and trusted, and they provide a language based service to big worldwide brands like Netflix, Zalando, TUI, H&M, Fiat and many more. The jobs are based in different countries because it is more economically advantageous for a company to have all languages based together in one office, than having small offices in each country all over Europe. Therefore, you will have colleagues from multiple countries, but you will  be working in your own native language, supporting customers from your country.

Our job is to ensure we find the location and job that you find most appealing and interesting. And the help, service, and assistance we provide for you is entirely FREE. We support and assist you in everything from the making of your CV, preparation for the interview, and we also make sure to introduce you to other people going to the same destination. We will also help you with the required paperwork, and make sure you feel comfortable and safe on your journey. We only work with trusted companies and ensure that what we promise is also delivered.

What you need to live and work abroad as an EU citizen

  • European passport (valid for more than 6 months from the start date at your new job)
  • Your criminal record (in English)
  • Birth or baptism certificate 
  • CV (in English)
    Click HERE for tips on making a good CV
    Click HERE for more about language proficiency and levels

What about after I get the job?

We are here to support you in every step of your journey, from application to interview and also when you have moved! Our own recruiters are living in many different European countries, and possibly in the exact same location you decide on moving to. We are always ready to help you, and we have networks and groups on Facebook for different cities that we can add you to! And you can also reach out to our recruiters to get information on accommodation, events and much more. We’re here to help you make your dream come true! 

Our backgrounds and why we are capable of helping you

All employees and recruiters at Job Squad are either currently living and working abroad, or have been doing it for longer periods of time in their lives. We have recruiters speaking more than 15 different languages, and several of us have lived in multiple countries. Therefore, we strive to be able to help and support you in any way you need, and we are here to answer any questions you may have on any level. No questions are too silly or too big! We have probably been asking or thinking about the exact same thing before we ventured out ourselves.

So, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions

We have also gathered a lot of information about working abroad in a gap year, if you’re interested in reading a lot more about what you can gain from that and which requirements and possibilities there are.

If you’re eager to find an available job right away, you can simply CLICK HERE, and apply today. We will assist you all the way.