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Game presenter: Best job abroad in iGaming

Are you thinking of stepping into the rapidly growing industry of online gaming and be the charismatic face that brings the casino experience to life? We have been talking to a former game presenter who has shared all her inside knowlegde and experiences. She has been working as a game presenter for six months, so keep reading and learn more about her fascinating experience in online casino.

A day in the life of a game presenter: Behind the scenes

Before working as a game presenter she used to work at a zoo in her home country Sweden, where she would serve food to guests. Switching to become a game presenter was a big step for her, but it was fueled by her curiosity and admiration for the high standards in the gaming world.

A typical day at work as an online game presenter can be versatile, and she explains: “It’s different for every place but I worked 3 or 4 tables during my round. So I start with going into the room with my tables and stand behind the other presenter that’s currently working the table“. After getting dressed and getting ready to go, she starts her “rounds” of tables, jumping easily from blackjack to roulette. The rounds of tables include blackjack or roulette.

Blackjack is about getting cards to 21 or close to 21 without going over. When the game starts, you and others at the table are given two cards each. One dealer card is visible. You can choose to get more cards to reach 21 or be satisfied with your hand. Without going over, you must have cards closer to 21 than the dealer. If you achieve this, you win. Roulette is unique: predict where a little ball will land on a spinning wheel. Bet on a number or colour, and when the dealer spins the wheel, the ball reverses direction. If your bet matches the ball’s stop, you win.

Usually, game presenters get breaks in between rounds or sessions of play. Our interviewee said that she usually got a 30-minute break. The team most often use the breaks to get to know each other better. The social side of her job is summed up in her words about breaks: “During that time I usually walked outside and took some fresh air with my coworkers that were also currently on break or we sat down at the café downstairs and had a coffee”. Colleagues from all over the world make every break more interesting. She stressed that being social was an important part of her job, and she used breaks to have interesting conversations with fellow game presenters. 

Preparing for the spotlight

Before going into online casino, she highlighted how important it is to get mentally ready. It isn’t enough to know the rules and strategies of the games. You have to be in the right state of mind to deal with the fact that live exchanges are unpredictable. “Interacting with people before and during my shift was crucial” she explained. Getting involved with the audience helped make it a place where everyone felt like they belonged. One unique thing about game presenting is that it combines fun and skill.

She knew that her speech could make an experience more real, so she made it a habit to warm up her voice. “You get your voice warmed up, and you are used to talking” she stated. Speaking clearly and with excitement added an extra element to the games and made them more fun for the players. When you play blackjack or roulette live, it’s not just the rules that make the experience great. It’s also the energy that surrounds the whole thing. She emphasised how important it was to keep things exciting. “If you looked like you were having a fun time, then usually, so did the players” she noted.

While she has always put on makeup before going on camera, she hasn’t just been doing it to be professional. It is also a fun way to prepare for the session. The way things looked added to the realism of online games, where everything, from the background to how the host looks is important

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and she has used it as part of her routine before going live. It had become a tradition to laugh with her coworkers before going on camera. “It was a routine I started during my first week“. Sharing a good laugh breaks the ice and sets a good mood for the upcoming work and breaks. The players could feel the strong sense of friendship which makes the whole experience more fun.

Rewards and challenges 

The most satisfying part of her job has been the social network that she has built during games: “To me, it was always the social bit:” Talking to people from all over the world, making friends, and sharing the excitement of the games was a unique and satisfying part of her daily life. People weren’t just chatting online but also getting to know each other. This is a part that has made the virtual game table feel like a get-together of friends“.

Her experience has been made even better by the thrill of seeing other players win big: “I remember a moment where one of my players won really, really big on one of my tables“. It wasn’t just about dealing cards or spinning the roulette wheel, but about helping someone win a big prize that they would never forget.  

In the middle of all the digital conversations, real moments have been standing out. She has a fond memory of a player who began as a critic but became a regular of hers, even after winning a lot of money: “That person kept coming back to thank me and to play with me, and it was truly amazing“. Because of these ties, the job was more than just dealing cards.

When you play live games, things move quickly, and mistakes are bound to happen. She remember times and incidents, like when she threw a card on the floor by accident, and when having to make quick choices has made things even harder. But her skill and calmness really shone through when she had to deal with these problems.

Example: Handling a frustrated player

She has shared a difficult situation in which she has made a mistake while scanning a card during a game of blackjack: “Players can get really frustrated with you since it’s their money” In the chat, the angry player voiced his dissatisfaction and called into question the fairness of the game. In response she demonstrated not only how good she has become at technology but also how well she can deal with stressful situation in a professional and kind way. 

She didn’t try to avoid taking responsibility for her mistake. She quickly pushed a button for media control to look over the mistake. During this time, she apologised deeply while her hands were flat on the table. It wasn’t enough to just fix things technically, people also needed to be emotionally smart. The player eventually calmed down after getting angry at first. She let the person watch the shuffling happen, which built trust and openness. The same player came back the next day, having done some personal “research” and said sorry for being so angry earlier.

Her point of telling this story is that you have the option to choose how to react in all situations, and this job has taught her how to remain calm and collected. In this case, she showed how she could turn a tough scenario into a chance to learn and find a solution. Other than fixing problems it has become an example of how to ensure that players have a good time even when things go wrong.

Advice for aspiring game presenters

The former game presenter’s main points is to be patient in this kind of job, to learn from mistakes, and to enjoy the ride. She has also emphasised the formal (and paid) period of training that happened before standing in front of the camera. This has included weeks of learning various elements of the work tasks, how to talk and present yourself, how to do makeup, how to dress and much more. Her best piece of advice is to: “Give it time, take your time, and learn from your mistakes. Practice makes perfect, and in the end, it’s a really fun and giving job that will be worth the time and effort“.

The future of online casino and game presenters

We also spoke to her about how she sees the future of online and in-person gaming. She expressed her concerns that the industry relies too much on technology and she hopes game presenting will keep the personal and human touch. We are aware that technology could someday replace people, but still believe that having real people deal with players and run the tables would always be more appealing.

Game presenting is all about mastering the art of effective communication. When you’re sharing game rules or adding excitement to a live show, your words have the power to make the gaming experience come alive.

Being a game presenter is such an exciting and rewarding job. They really know how to bring a sense of reality to the constantly changing world of online gaming, establishing themselves as a key player in the industry’s growth

Typical working hours in online casino 

Game presenters often work in 8-hour shifts, so you can cover online game platforms around the clock. This freedom changes the game and opens up options for people who want a job that fits their lifestyle. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, the world of game presenting welcomes you with open arms.

Are you up for the adventure?

At its core, a game presenter is the bridge between the virtual gaming world and the players.  One of the most exciting aspects of being a game presenter is the global impact you can have.  Your interactions bring together players from all over the world, including those from different countries and backgrounds. It’s definitely a job that will give you an exciting work adventure abroad. And now it’s time for your adventure in game presenting, and the stage is set for you to make it great!

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