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9 tips to master online job interviews

Online job interviews have become the norm in the dynamic and evolving landscape of the professional world – especially with...

Pernille H. A. December 20, 2023
6 mins to read
Greek salary for expats: Best tips to live a fun life

If you’re thinking about moving abroad to work in Athens, but you’re worried because you’ve heard talk about a low...

Pernille H. A. October 3, 2023
9 mins to read
Avoid getting scammed by fake job posts on social media

Going on the adventure of a lifetime by working abroad is becoming increasingly popular – especially for young people. And...

Pernille H. A. August 17, 2023
6 mins to read
Join Job Squad

Interested in joining our team?  We don’t hire for our team every month, but on a regular basis, and we...

Pernille H. A. July 10, 2023
4 mins to read
EU and non-EU citizens competing for jobs within the European Union

Nowadays it is common that the global workforce is diverse and multicultural. However, it is not uncommon to observe a...

Pernille H. A. June 29, 2023
4 mins to read
Illustrate your language skills on a CV

If you’re part of the more than 50% of the world’s population who speaks more than one language, you’ve probably...

Milan C. May 25, 2023
7 mins to read
Why Hire an Athlete?

Every person in this world has a different personality, and a different way of applying their traits into their own lifestyle....

Milan C.
5 mins to read
International CV – Tips from HR & Recruiters

Writing a Resume/CV for an international audience Depending on the location of the job you’re applying for, you may want...

Milan C.
4 mins to read
How to work abroad in you gap Year

After finishing the highschool stage, everyone is looking for new experiences, travel, know new people and places, that’s why it...

Milan C.
7 mins to read