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Game presenter: Best job abroad in iGaming

Are you thinking of stepping into the rapidly growing industry of online gaming and be the charismatic face that brings...

Pernille H. A. April 18, 2024
9 mins to read
Work as customer support agent: Best insider tips

Are you looking for a job abroad? Maybe you’re looking for work options that doesn’t require previous experience during your...

Pernille H. A.
9 mins to read
Expat guilt: Best tips to combat expat guilt

Expat guilt is a legit feeling when moving abroad. One of the biggest – and sometimes unforeseen – challenges of...

Pernille H. A. February 5, 2024
7 mins to read
Spending Christmas abroad: Best tips

Cheers to making new traditions and celebrating Christmas abroad Isn’t Christmas just the cosiest time of the year? The whole...

Pernille H. A. November 14, 2023
7 mins to read
Greek salary for expats: Best tips to live a fun life

If you’re thinking about moving abroad to work in Athens, but you’re worried because you’ve heard talk about a low...

Pernille H. A. October 3, 2023
10 mins to read
Work abroad with Job Squad

Get ready for making unforgettable memories abroad. Experience a new culture, boost your CV, and enhance your English. Start your...

Pernille H. A. June 29, 2023
3 mins to read
10 practical tips when travelling abroad

Most people nowadays really enjoy traveling on vacation as soon as they have the chance to go. But before dusting...

Milan C. May 25, 2023
6 mins to read
Can everyone be a digital nomad after the containment?

If for some the containment is a bad remake of Groundhog Day, for others, this period of forced distancing sounded like...

Milan C.
11 mins to read
Expand your horizons with a gap year abroad

A sabbatical year abroad is an opportunity to replace everyday routines with something completely different. At the same time, you...

Milan C.
4 mins to read
Working Abroad: How to Prepare

Working abroad can be your path to a wealth of new experiences, new friendships and international work experience. However, it...

Milan C.
5 mins to read