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januar 11, 2022


Czech Republic


Czech Koruna (Kč)



Czech republic, also known as Czechia, is highly considered by expats because of their rich cultural history. Living in Czech Republic has many benefits from accessible healthcare to appealing career opportunities but also what is captivating about this country is their landscapes of endless trails, waterfalls and their medieval look that make you feel part of an ancient movie.

So if you’re looking to work abroad in Prague or any other city in Czech Republic, don’t hesitate to check our offers so we can help you with the process of finding a job and answer all your questions. If you are still not sure keep reading to know more about their culture.

Basic Facts (curiosities)

Czech Republic is a country located in central europe, with 78,867 km², its capital is Prague, is one of the most important cities for the fashion industry in the world. Its currency is the Czech Koruna, known as the Czech crown (CZK or Kč) and their population is about 10,7million people.

Because of its location, Czech Republic has a very balanced climate with warm summers and snowy winters, with snowfalls in the mountains and low snowfall in the lowlands.

5 Curiosities about Czech republic

  1. It’s the seventh safest country in the world according to the Global Peace Index, 2019.
  2. It has a dense expat community, more than 5% of the population are foreign nationals and 10% of the workforce are foreigners. According to official statistics, the number of foreigners has doubled in the last 14 years.
  3. It’s a Medieval paradise, since it has the most castles in Europe with more than 2000 castles and chateaux dating back to the 11th century. Some of the most popular sites in Prague are St. Vitus Cathedral (1344), Prague Castle (870-) and the Astronomical Clock (1410), but there are hidden gems all over the country. 
  4. It’s a Beer lovers country, they have the title of being the heaviest beer consumers in the world and the best part is the cheap prices, because in most places beer is cheaper than water. 
  5. The father of genetics, Johan Gregor Mendel was born in the Czech Republic.
  6. Alchemy is also a big part of Prague’s history. Speculum Alchemiae is the alchemy museum located in Old Town that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

In this old alchemy laboratory they tried to turn iron to gold, create immortality and love potions and even the Philosopher’s stone. If you are into the occult and darker parts of history you will love exploring Prague. 



The Warm Culture in Czech Republic

Families in Czechia are warm, familiar, and friendly. They don’t tend to have many children but you’ll find several generations living together. Some of them live in apartment blocks and enjoy going to the country cottages during the weekends. Other enjoy a lifestyle outside the city in small houses with a front garden and only go to the center to work or special activities. Prague is a MAJOR party town, so if you’re the party type then you will have fun in the big city. Of course the beer is cheap but because of the alchemy history you can find cocktail bars with cocktails you won’t find anywhere else in the world. 

Czhech people are not that involved into expats, but because they tend to be too centered into their own businesses and families. But they are still very friendly and open, especially when talking about their food, beer or sports. However the expat community is so huge that you won’t have any problem finding friends.


The Gastronomy in Czech Republic

Meat is highly used in Czechia, and the common seasoning is with salt, bacon and caraway seeds. Potatoes, rice and dumplings are part of the common plates here along with a sauce to cover everything. Some of their most traditional dishes include:

  1. Uzené.
  2. Rajská omáčka.
  3. Vepřo knedlo zelo.
  4. Svíčková na smetaně.

An excellent meal in a restaurant would cost you about Є8, and bear is almost free, so even when cooking at home is cheaper at the end, it’s still very affordable if you want to explore the Czech cuisine.


Sports in Czech Republic

Most Czech people love sports. Apart from football, Ice-hockey is a big national sport that is watched, played and lived in the Czech Republic. HC Sparta Praha is their most successful team and their home base is the O2 Arena located just outside of Prague. Because hockey is such a big deal you can go to any sports pub to watch a game and become friends with locals in an instant. If you want to truly experience hockey with the locals you should go to PARK Riegrovy Sady in the centre of Prague that hosts a lot of cultural and sporting events. They show big sporting events on their huge LED screen that always attract a big crowd. 


Young people working abroad

Work in Czech Republic

Work in Czech Republic for foreigners is not hard at all, with their economical growth they accept a lot of foreign workers. As an EU citizen you don’t need any special visa or work permit to be able to work in Czechia, and if you know other languages like English it is a big advantage. The weekly working hours is 40 hours and right now the minimum wage is Kzc. 16,200 per month, which is about Є 650 including about 20 standard holidays each year.

Corporate etiquette is traditional in Czech Republic, they appreciate punctuality and like eye contact. It’s important to keep a business attitude during your working hours if you have Czech bosses and take into consideration that appointments are mandatory and important for them, so be on time. Also, it’s not usual to have an appointment in fridays afternoon since people is leaving work after lunch because they’re going to their country cottage and during august many businesses are closed because of summer holidays.


Work in Prague

Prague is a big modern city and their business attitude will depend on the type of job you get. We have candidates who speak very well about how they feel working in this beautiful place. Some of them can go work in slippers if they want too and you can find people in barefoot on the streets so you can imagine it’s a flexible place to work in. If you want to find the right place to work we can give you full assistance in finding a job in Prague completely free if you fill in our contact form.


Living in Prague

Living in a big city is always more expensive and it is often harder to find a good place to live. Prague is divided into 22 districts, District 1 is the city centre and District 22 is about 10km outside the city centre. Since Prague is well connected with buses and trams and a monthly pass is only about 23€, you can expand your jobsearch to areas further from you job than what we would normally recommend. Just remember to check out how close the nearest station is and how long it will take you to get to the office.

If you want to live in the centre you can’t go wrong with District 1 and 2 but up until District 10 you can still find central apartments.

Apartments in Prague are usually quite cheap compared to other capitals in Europe, so you can rent a studio apartment right in the centre by yourself, but the average price including utilities is about 1000€. If you want to cut the rent in half it’s a good idea to find a shared apartment and there are a bunch of groups on Facebook you can use, which is probably the most common way to find accommodation in Prague. You can also write to your recruiter and they can give you some links and give you some advice if you are scared of getting scammed. 


Taxes in Czech Republic

Once in Czech Republic and you decide which city you’re going to live in, it’s important to register in the Ministry of the Interior responsible for the area of your residence in order to obtain your Registration certificate, you can check HER which documents you need. Usually the job will be in charge of the tax registration, so you just have to fill out a document with your personal information. After this you’re ready to start making contributions and your salary is registered to pay at the end of the fiscal year around 15% depending on your income and whether you’ve been living in the country more than 183 days. If you have any doubt you can check HER for more information about taxes for expats in Czech Republic.


City of Prague

Living Cost in Czech Republic.

The average salary depends on which city you’re located, but considering Prague we have it is around € 1,471.82, even if it seems to be low compared to other european countries, the living cost in Czech is affordable being about 750 – 950 a month considering all the common expenses.

Beskrivelse Cost in Euros
Accomodation* 550-750
Food** 150 
Movie Ticket 8
Mobile credits 4
1 pair of jeans 6
1 month gym subscription 35
Cappuccino 0.5
Transport (monthly pass) 23
Total 745 – 945

* Prisene kan variere avhengig av nabolaget, antall personer som bor i leiligheten og fasiliteter.
**Depends greatly on your diet and which shops you buy food and drinks from.


Finding accomodation in Czech Republic

Finding accommodation is sometimes a difficult task when the city you’re thinking of is very busy and commercial like Prague. The recommendation is to live near your job in order to avoid long commutes to work. In Czech Republic it is quite cheap to live and you can find 1 room or single room apartments round around EUR 220 to EUR 320. To get started here are some great tips that will help you find a place to live in Czech Republic

Expats in Czech Republic

Since they joined the European Union, Czechia has experienced an economic growth that attracts many expats from around the world which is why Prague is such a diverse city. You can find plenty of groups on Facebook with expats living there. Some groups are open for everybody and other groups are for specific nationalities or genders. But most expat networks are quite active so it’s easy to meet new people if you are just willing to put in a little bit of effort. 


Where to learn Czech (Free option)

Even if English is commonly spoken in larger cities and tourist areas, the official language is Czech and has its origins in baltic and slavic languages. There’s several ways to learn the language, which will help you more if you want to adapt, and some of them are not so expensive. You can find prices around EUR 20 per hour but it is also possible to find free lessons at places such as the Center for the Integration of Foreigners or Centrum pro integraci cizinců. It’s not necessary to register, just make sure to know when they start the basic courses and try to attend the lessons. If you want to know about other alternatives, you can visit and get the one that fits your needs.


Why Here

Czechia is a multicultural country, with a growing economy offering multiple opportunities for foreigners, making it the perfect place to experience working abroad and save enough money to keep going to more places. With so many expat communities, living in Czech Republic for foreigners is an usual experience and common around European citizens. You can have a look at our Job offers in Prague and we will guide you during the entire process of finding a job, accommodation, and getting used to the city. You can also check our social media like instagram to know more about our guys over there and other destinations.