Living costs in Cyprus

május 18, 2020

Cost of Living in Cyprus

The cost of living in Cyprus is fairly similar to other European countries. Nicosia is generally regarded to be the most expensive city on the island. The costs of accommodation, communications, and healthcare are all fairly low and, for the most part, of good quality. Groceries in Cyprus tend to be cheaper, especially when it comes to fruit and meat. Beer and cigarettes also tend to be cheaper, while cappuccinos are more expensive. Restaurants are generally cheaper as well.


If you are planning to stay in Cyprus for a long period of time, it’s better to look for an apartment. In Cyprus, the apartment’s prices are not that expensive. If you are a student the cheapest option is to rent a room in a flat which you share with other people the cost can be from €150 to €400. If you choose to move to a one-bedroom apartment in the city that’s gonna be a little more expensive the prices can be from €400 to €1000 it depends on your comfort.

Use Facebook, new friends, local bars to search for a good place to live.  Maybe a place a longer walking distance from the centre make more sense, be open and ask people. 

Public Transport 

The easiest and the cheapest way to travel to Cyprus is public transport. A monthly pass cost only €40. If you choose to have a car than you need to calculate with the price of gasoline which is €1.22 euros nowadays. Moreover, there is another option to travel by cab. The prices for the taxes are its start with €5 and after every kilometre, it is €1. 

Going out 

If you decided to eat out in a restaurant a normal meal price is €12. A pizza’s price is approximately €7-8, A portion of pasta is from €5. If you want to try out some seafood dishes you need to know the price starts from €15. To grab some drinks that’s how much you need to count with a beer price can be from €2 to €4, while a glass of wine starts from €1. 

General expenses for a couple for a month
1 bedroom apartment in the city €583
1 room in a shared flat in the city €300
1-time ticket €1,2
Transport monthly pass (€40/person) €40
Cappuccino ex-pat cafe €2
Pint of a beer ex-pat bar €3
Health care (public) Free
Pizza in Restaurant €9
Movie ticket €9
1 kg of Potatoes 0.99€
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre €1,000


In general is there a big difference in between tourist and ex-pat bars to the local ones. If you want a cheap and good coffee or food, look around the city or the smaller towns and find some great local cafe, bars and restaurants. It is worth it in the long run, first of all, because having a local bar and contact is always golden in a new country. Second, to save a buck. The smaller the place, the better you know the owner the bigger the chance for a discount 🙂

In these small Island countries loaded with tourists, the price vary to enable the locals to afford going out, locals normally have a lower paycheck then ex-pats.

Rule number one, if you want to find cheap, good food, go next to the local police station, in all countries that where you find good food!

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