Danish Carpenters – Nanortalik, Greenland

Employment Info
Reference: RSGR

About Nanortalik:

Living in Nanortalik provides an authentic Arctic lifestyle experience in one of Greenland’s most picturesque and remote locations. Immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty, surrounded by towering mountains, ice-filled fjords, and captivating wildlife. So, if you're ready to leave Denmark behind for an amazing adventure in Greenland, this is your chance to gain work experience AND personal growth!

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    We Offer:

    • 180-220 DKK pr hour
    • Relocation and accomodation for the entire stay
    • Live with your colleagues, where you will have your own room and share the kitchen and living area with them. It's a perfect way to make friends for life and always have kind people to explore Greenland with on weekends.
    • Help with paperwork

    About the Company:

    Our client is a large Danish entreprise, doing many different things. Amongst that is carpentry and they have a team to do different projects in Greenland. It is well known that they need Carpenters in Greeland and very normal for Danes to go up there and work for a period of time. 

    The job:

    We are currently seeking Danish speaking carpenters for a construction company in the beautiful country high up north. If you long for tranquility and wild nature far away from the city and noise, Greenland is an excellent destination for you. As a carpenter in Greenland, you will work with a team of other carpenters - and you will have the opportunity to enjoy dog sledding, fishing, whale watching, or similar activities in your free time. The job primarily involves carrying out small to medium-sized construction tasks in Southwest Greenland.

    Your qualifications:

    💭 You speak Danish at a native level 

    🎓 Experience/education in carpentry, but does not have to be a seniors profile

        💪🏻 You have a desire to learn and advance, and be a curious investigator and problem solver. Not afraid of working hard and giving your best

          🥇You are outgoing and polite, and ready to spend the summer in beautiful surroundings where the sun never sets.

          If you have any questions about the position, please feel free to send an email to info@jobsqd.com. Our recruiters are ready to help!