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Veronica Parolini Malta

International Recruiter

Meet Veronica: The Multilingual Recruiter with a Passion for Adventure

Veronica, originally from Italy, has an incredible zest for life that shines through in everything she does. With her dynamic personality and diverse background, Veronica brings a unique perspective to the world of recruitment. 

Veronica hails from the picturesque country of Italy, where she spent her formative years bouncing between the vibrant cities of Milan and Venice. However, this vivacious recruiter now calls the sunny shores of Malta home. Curious about her wanderlust spirit, we asked her about her globetrotting adventures.

"I've always had an insatiable curiosity to explore the world," Veronica shares. "When I turned 18, I made the decision to leave Italy and set out on a grand adventure. I traveled to France, Germany, Spain, and Russia, immersing myself in different cultures and broadening my horizons. Eventually, I found my way to Malta, which has become my current base.

When asked about the best thing about living in a different country, her eyes light up with excitement. "Oh, where do I begin?" she exclaims. "From learning new languages to meeting fascinating people, every day is an opportunity to immerse myself in a different culture. It's an enriching experience that money simply can't buy."

Veronica's passion for connecting people and companies led her to pursue a career in recruitment. With two years of experience as an in-house recruiter and HR professional, she brings a deep understanding of what it's like to be on both sides of the job search process: "I know firsthand the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with looking for a job. That's why the moment a candidate secures a position with a company, it brings me immense joy and fulfillment."

When Veronica isn't helping others fulfill their dreams of moving abroad, she indulges in her hobbies and passions. As a freelance translator, she puts her linguistic skills to good use. Fluent in six languages - Italian, French, English, Spanish, Russian, and German - Veronica is currently on her way to mastering Swedish as her seventh language. Impressive, isn't it?

But her interests don't stop at language. Veronica is an avid traveler, seeking out new destinations to explore whenever she can. Additionally, she finds solace in sports and the culinary arts. "Being Italian, I have a deep-rooted love for cooking and enjoying good food"

Now, let's dive into a little-known fact about Veronica that adds an extra dash of uniqueness to her vibrant personality. "I have a talent for imitating the calls of turtle doves and dolphins," she reveals, chuckling. "It's a fun party trick that never fails to surprise people!"

As someone who has experienced the joys and challenges of moving abroad, Veronica has valuable advice to share with others who are considering a similar leap. "Take time to be on your own," she advises thoughtfully. "Explore your new surroundings, savor the solitude, and embrace the freedom to discover your new home. Take walks in the city, dine at restaurants alone, visit parks and museums solo (while always prioritizing safety). This personal time allows for self-reflection and a deeper appreciation of the incredible journey you're embarking on."