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Theresa Martins Malta

Talent Hunter

What Theresa loves most about being a recruiter is the incredible satisfaction of connecting talented individuals with their dream jobs. Having experienced firsthand the life-changing impact of being recruited by Job Squad herself, she understands the transformative power of finding the right match. It's a fulfilling and rewarding experience for her to play a role in shaping someone else's career.

Theresa is born and raised in Denmark, and she has always had a deep-rooted curiosity for exploring diverse cultures beyond her own. With a multicultural background, she was driven to discover more about her Nigerian heritage and broaden her horizons. After completing college, she took the leap and moved to Cyprus alongside her best friend. This marked the beginning of an adventure that has led her to live in four different countries over the past four years.

Moving to a new place brings forth a world of opportunities, and Theresa knows it well. The best thing about these experiences is the chance to truly immerse oneself in different cultures and values. It's not just about visiting as a tourist but actually living, breathing, and understanding the essence of a place. Theresa also cherishes the expansion of her network and the lifelong friendships she has forged across the globe. And let's not forget the joy of exploring the diverse gastronomy that each new destination has to offer. She loves travelling with her best friend, indulging in gastronomic delights, and even delving into the fascinating field of neuroscience.

In case you need that extra push to follow your dreams, Theresa has a message for you – jump on that flight! She believes the rewards of moving abroad far outweigh any uncertainties or fears. Embrace the unknown and trust the process, for the experiences gained will be truly priceless. Theresa encourages a bit of rebellion. It may sound unconventional, but she advises not getting caught up in knowing every single detail about the job or country you're heading to. Instead, trust in the process and embrace the journey of discovering those details for yourself. After all, true understanding and growth come from firsthand experiences.