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Stine Olsen Nenseth Alicante, Spain

International Recruiter

Our bubbly and optimistic recruiter Stine is from Norway but she's been basking in the sun in Alicante, Spain, for many years now. Her favourite part about the job is that she gets to help people live their best lives. For her, the satisfaction comes from making as well as seeing the positive impact on individuals' lives, when guiding them towards following their dreams.

Stine chose to trade the chilly and dark winters of Norway with the Spanish passion and warmth after a few holiday escapades to the sunny shores of Spain. In a bold move, she quit her job and moved abroad. And, as it turns out, it was the best decision she ever made.

She is very fond of travelling in general which makes Spain her base for exploring other fascinating places like Morocco, Italy, Dubai, the UK, and Cyprus. Moving to a new place for Stine means waking up to sunshine (almost) every day, enjoying all the delicious food, connecting with new people, and embracing a fresh way of life. And the best part? It's a constant adventure filled with new experiences.

When she's not working, she prioritises having quality time with her little best friend; the Chihuahua, Princess. Picture this: Stine and Princess enjoying a cosy evening with a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese, a glass of wine (only for Stine, obviously), and a binge-watching session of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". That's a perfect evening for Stine. Furthermore, Stine also enjoys beach outings, hitting the gym, horseriding, and eating delicious food.

Stine is a happy-go-lucky kind of person, who is always ready for the next adventure. And for those considering moving abroad, her advice is simple: Just go with the flow and enjoy your new life. So contact Stine now and she will help you start living your own dream too!