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Ilenia Tesoro Spain

Account manager, South EU Team Lead

Introducing Ilenia, a dynamic member of the Job Squad team who has made a mark as a recruiter with her passion and dedication. Originally from Italy, Ilenia's life is an ever-changing adventure that oscillates between her native country and the picturesque landscapes of France.

Her journey with Job Squad began in September 2021. However, her expertise as a recruiter extends back even further, with a solid five years of experience in the field.

When asked about her favorite aspect of being a recruiter, Ilenia's eyes light up with excitement. For her, the true joy lies in providing individuals with the same life-changing opportunities she herself had experienced. It's not just about securing a job; it's about enabling people to embark on a profound personal revolution. By opening doors to new possibilities, Ilenia helps individuals expand their horizons, develop international friendships, and gain the freedom to explore different cultures. Beyond the personal growth, she also recognizes the professional opportunities that arise. In fact, her own journey saw her transition from a junior role to becoming a recruiter within an international company in just six months - an outcome she never imagined possible.

Ilenia's decision to move abroad stemmed from a combination of dissatisfaction with her law studies and a yearning for a different path. Armed with a 5-liter backpack and a quest for happiness, she initially found herself in London, where a friend generously shared their single bed to support her new adventure. However, after six months of rainy weather and uninspiring work as a receptionist, Ilenia's search for sun and friendly faces led her to Rome. Despite the challenges of finding well-paid employment in the Eternal City, she eventually returned home to Italy. However, the allure of new experiences and the desire for personal growth called her once again. This time, she found herself in Istanbul with a one-way ticket, guided by the prospect of visiting a Turkish friend. The journey unfolded as a transformative life experience, filled with love, dance-filled nights, and mornings spent savoring slow breakfasts. Exploring a massive city where language was a barrier, Ilenia discovered hidden palaces, adorable houses surrounded by animals, and the beauty of unexpected encounters. Eventually, her savings dwindled, and a fortuitous job offer from Portugal materialized—an opportunity she had forgotten she had even applied for. The wise choice was clear: she seized it.

For Ilenia, the best thing about moving to a new place is the rekindling of curiosity. Stepping out of one's comfort zone and embracing the unknown opens the floodgates to extraordinary experiences. It's a reminder that the greatest treasures often lie beyond familiar territory.

When Ilenia isn't busy helping others make their dreams of moving abroad a reality, she immerses herself in a whirlwind of diverse passions. From studying dance and theater to indulging in painting and exploring art exhibitions, she nurtures her creative spirit. Ilenia loves planning themed nights at home with friends, an opportunity to create unique and memorable experiences. And, of course, her love for travel remains an ever-present force in her life.

While Ilenia possesses a myriad of exceptional qualities, one intriguing fact about her is that she refrains from using a silly voice when communicating with adorable babies or animals. It's a testament to her authenticity and ability to connect with others in a genuine and respectful manner.

As someone who has defied expectations by recently purchasing a house, Ilenia surprises her family and friends, who never thought she would settle down. However, it's important to note that she prefers the flexibility of renting for now.