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Ellen Sollie

International Recruiter

Ellen is one of our Norwegian recruiters, who currently calls the vibrant streets of Lisbon, Portugal, her home. She loves being a recruiter because it enables her to connect with people, understanding their aspirations, and helping them take the next step in their exciting journey abroad.

But let's rewind a bit and explore Ellen's own adventure abroad. The story began during her final year of college, a time when she found herself standing at the crossroads of uncertainty. With master's programs and job applications in Oslo on one side, and a burning wanderlust on the other, Ellen's heart was pulled in a different direction. COVID-19 had ruined her plans for a semester in Australia, but the moment travel restrictions lifted, she did not hesitate to discover the world.

With an American heritage and memories of growing up in Texas, Ellen wanted to embrace new horizons. A friend working in Spain ignited her curiosity about working abroad. A simple Google search for "work abroad" led her to the doors of opportunity.

She thinks that the most exciting thing about moving to a new place is all the new faces, each with their own stories, perspectives, and ideas. Whether it's engaging in lively debates about pineapple on pizza or unraveling the mysteries of life, new friendships blossom with every step.

She enjoys discovering the hidden gems of Lisbon, attending concerts, and having a good time in the city center. Furthermore, she really enjoys getting creative with her knitting needles and crochet hooks in hand.

For those wanting to move abroad, Ellen offers a precious piece of advice: Say yes to everything. The beauty of moving abroad lies in embracing the unknown, breaking free from your comfort zone, and crafting a brand new you in a brand new place.