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Elias Amadeus Marchel Cornelio Taxgaard

International Recruiter

Meet our recruiter Elias, who's all about guiding individuals through the exciting journey of moving abroad. He's born in Denmark, but he is currently soaking up the Finnish vibes for the second consecutive year. His recruitment journey kicked off in 2019 and his passion for helping people chasing their dreams in new destinations is still growing.

He gets excited about the thrill of connecting with people and guiding them through the exciting process of moving to another country. His mission isn't just about finding jobs; it's about making the transition smoother by sharing firsthand experiences and making each person feel at ease.

Elias' fascination with being abroad started after high school when he went to France for a few months. The magic of experiencing a foreign culture left a mark and his path led him to Finland. What started as a romantic connection during his studies in Denmark, turned into a thrilling journey as he decided to move to Finland with the wonderful Finnish girl, unfolding the beauty of both the country and the relationship. Some of his hobbies include walking his cat, Skiffer, spending time at their  cabin, taking refreshing dips in the water (also in winter!), and going to the lush Finnish forests for berries and mushrooms during late summer.

For Elias, the best part of moving to a new place is immersing himself in a fresh culture, becoming part of the local rhythm, and discovering the joys of everyday life. He thrives on the spontaneity and authenticity that comes with making a new place home. He believes that when you move abroad, you're not confined to the person you were back home. You're the architect of your own adventure, and every new experience shapes the life you're building.

With his energy, insights, and genuine care, Elias is set to be your partner in making every step of your journey abroad a memorable one.