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Dennis Brands Zaragoza, Spain

International Recruiter

Our happy and adventurous recruiter Dennis has a passion for connecting people and making a positive impact. He grew up in the Netherlands, but is now based in Zaragoza, Spain. His favourite part of the job is the unique balance between profit margins and corporate social responsibility. For Dennis, success isn't just about placing an applicant; it's also about making sure the candidate thrives and finds joy in their new role and life abroad. Furthermore, Dennis' passion for his job is enhanced by all the genuine personal relationships that are created along the way.

Dennis has always been curious about living in a foreign country and when he was sixteen he spent four exciting months in Tenerife while getting his diving certificate.  This sparked a great interest in Spain and after reconnecting with his significant other, they decided to take the leap together. Besides calling Spain his home, he has also travelled in the US, Thailand, Curacao, and throughout Europe. And he still has Scandinavia and Iceland on his travel bucket list.

When he's off work Dennis is an active guy who enjoys staying fit and healthy. His passion for cooking is well above average and he enjoys cooking dishes from various cultures.  As a self-proclaimed foodie, one of his favourite things about moving abroad is the delicious food. If you don't find him being active, cooking, and eating, you will find him at festivals, travelling, or simply hanging out with friends and family (although probably also enjoying good food in these instances). Dennis also has a soft spot for dogs, truly embodying the saying that a dog is a man's best friend.

His best advice if moving to Spain is to consider hiring a Gestor, because the bureaucracy can be challenging. The Gestor will take care of all your administrative processes, which is relatively cheap and it makes your life much smoother and easier.