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Cathrine Becklund Barcelona, Spain

International Recruiter

Although originally from Norway, our recruiter Cathrine is  currently calling  Barcelona, Spain, her home. For her, being a great recruiter is about understanding people, identifying their unique talents, and then creating perfect matches. She has a background in HR and customer service, and therefore she is excited about naturally enhancing communication and interpersonal skills while connecting with new individuals. To her, it's not just a job but a journey into the heart of actual human potential.

After completing her bachelor's degree she decided that the ideal location for her master's studies was Barcelona. After graduating she was in love with the city and she chose to seek a career in her field of interest: HR.  The opportunity for personal growth is the true gift you get by moving to a new place, according to Cathrine. She believes that starting afresh in a new city makes you face new challenges, open yourself up to unique experiences, and grow as a person on so many levels.

When Cathrine is not working, she appreciates making memories and having a good time with friends and family. Furthermore, she also finds peace and balance in solo hikes or runs. Her passion for travelling and exploring is also reflected in her love for languages. She's Fluent in Norwegian, Spanish, and English, and currently mastering Italian.

Cathrine's best advice when moving and living abroad is to do a thorough research, plan and prepare. Also, she encourages everyone to reach out to others for support - even if they're strangers. People are often more than happy to share information and help, which can also be the start of new friendships.

If any of this sparks an interest in you, Cathrine is ready to help you!