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March 7, 2022




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Ireland, the emerald isle, is known for its beautiful and green landscapes all the time, beautiful cliff and forest that makes you feel instantly in love with the scenery here that makes Ireland the perfect place to travel abroad. But also, their people are very kind with expats, which is an important factor to think about when moving abroad. Work in Ireland is part of the pros of living there, since they are very considerate with the employes and it’s a good place to jobs with european languages in support or sales area because it’s a high demanded are in Ireland.


Facts about Ireland

The republic of Ireland occupies the majority of the Irland Island, along with Northern Ireland. Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom since their independence in January 21, 1919. His population is about 6.6 million people, that turns it into the second most populated island in Europe after Great Britain and their official language are English and Irish (Gaelic). Their capital is Dublin, which is the place of birth of many known writers like Oscar Wilde and also is the home of Guinnes Beer.

Guinnes beer signCuriosities about Ireland

  • Its national symbol is the the harp and the shamrock, so Ireland is the first country with an musical instrument as symbol.
  • Is the house of Halloween, since this festivity has its origin in the Celtic harvest festival of Samhain, a common event at the end of summer in Ireland.
  • The most famous beer is from Ireland, the Guinnes beer originated in the Dublin brewery of Arthur Guinness. So if you are a beer lover, you must visit Ireland.




Irish Folklore

The irish culture is very rich and particular, they keep their heritage of traditions through out their music, stories, myths, fables, poetry, rhymes, and sayings to make easier to the little ones to learn them. The growth ones also enjoy their traditions with music of all types, traditional irish music have drinking songs, love songs, dancing songs, funny songs, and ballads, either with or without accompaniment by an instrument. They still use the instruments from the early ages today like fiddles, bagpipes,  pennywhistles, horns, harps, and bodhrán.

Traditional custom in Ireland

It’s part of the irish people to reavivate their folklore during parties, weddings, birthdates and holidays, by singing or telling about fairies, conjures images of banshees, leprechauns and their tales in their language. So it’s something you’ll see in every important moment in Ireland. Their passion for his culture is easily contagious so prepare yourself for the magic living in Ireland.


Traditional food in Ireland

Food and Drinking Culture in Ireland


Their culinary traditions are focused on big gatherings where there is a big table full of roasted chicken and ham, beside this their classical sod bread, each family in Ireland have their own recipe for soda bread passed generations to generations. If you’re staying during september, don’t miss out their shellfish a west coast plum native. For Christmas they love turkey followed by christmas cake or plum pudding. Regarding their drinking behaviour they love to ask for beer in rounds, and is almost a ritual during drink nights, something understandable when you have the best beer of the world made in your country.


Work in Ireland

Work in Ireland

There are many benefits of living and working in Ireland that will make you want to work there ASAP. First of all, the work-life balance in Ireland is one of the greatest, usually the working hours are about 9:00pm to 5:30pm and this includes half an hour to eat, so you end up working 7 hours and a half which is pretty great, but quite common in Europe.

Good work enviroment

Now, the thing here is that you can leave at dot if you need to and you won’t receive any bad look for that, also, you’re available to have 25 days leave during the year, since the start of it without problems, and this is because Irish people value more the efficiency during work, and think that if your life is balanced then you will be more productive at work. They also prefer that you take little breaks during work, to take a walk and move the body, so we can definitely say that job satisfaction is a thing in Ireland, since they make actual efforts to keep a good work environment.



Work in Dublin

As the biggest city in Ireland, Dublin has a robust job market, which means there are plenty of opportunities to find a job here, because of this, Ireland was the only country to record economic growth during the pandemic in 2020. It has many zones and the metro is highly ramified covering almost the entire city, zone 1 and 2 are the center but also it’s possible to find cheapear acomodationi between zone 4,6,7 or 8 zones and still has the benefits of many markets, bars, restaurants and activities around.


Cork - Ireland

Work in Cork

Cork is the second biggest city in the country and it has a strong economic field with one of the biggest natural harbours globally, so historically it has been one of the major port town with many industry-related jobs, but right now it’s also raising many other fields, like tech field with apple leading the path, pharmaceutical field, with Novartis, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, but also there are offer with hospitality and tourism in the region


Tax information in Ireland

Once you’re in Ireland it’s important to obtain your  Personal Public Service Number (PPS No) in the Department of Social Protection, this will be your forever tax identification number once it is related to an income. Income tax in Ireland starts with 20% and the minimum wage to pay taxes will be raised to €1,500 monthly in 2022.

N* tips to NAIL IT finding accommodations in Ireland

Right now due to covid the renting market in Ireland is kind of difficul and the prices are higher than expected, especially in Dublin, this is reasonably since after BREXIT Ireland is the only country in Europe where English is the official language, so many people have come from all over the world to have a life in Ireland. So here we will give you some useful tips to nail the accomodation part of your journey:


  1. Rent in airbnb the first weeks: Don’t go directly to renting an apartment just arriving in Ireland. The best is to rent a room while you get used to the renting market in your city and how things are there, the best points for public transportation to your workplace etc.
  2. Don’t fall for scams!: Due to the situation with renting in Ireland there are many scammers in the market. There are a lot of old houses or apartments that have not been renovated in the past 20 years and landlords put inflated prices on them, so you must be alert to not give any money without making sure it is worthy.
  3. Always schedule a visit first: We recommend to set an alarm every time something with your preferences is available and be one of the first to schedule a visit to see the room or apartment, so you can actually see if it have the proper conditions to live in.
  4. Popular Websites: Facebook is always an alternative, there are plenty of groups about renting in the different cities in Ireland, also you can verify with the comments of locals if the price is good enough, overpriced or if it’s to low to be real. Also, there is, this platform in particular is the owner of another 5 renting platform in Ireland, so any renting offer you find in another site, is very probable that it’s already here. allow you to search by area or transit route and list all different types of accommodation so it would be useful too.
  5. Use the first weeks to network: during your stay in hostages or airbnb, try to network with citizens or in work, this will help you to get information and grow strong bonds with the people around you.
  6. Have all your documents prepared: Once you have the viewing of a place, be prepared to have all the documents they may ask, here’s a quick list
    1. Guarantor information
    2. Employer reference
    3. Landlord reference
    4. Home address
    5. Photo ID
    6. PPS number
    7. First month’s rent and one month’s deposit


Living cost in Ireland

The Livingcost in Ireland will depend on the city you’re going to live in, the minimum average wage in Ireland round around €1700, Dublin as the biggest city will be more expensive than others around, so here are son reference prices considering you will be living in Dublin so you know what you can expect and how to be prepared.


Monthly Living Expenses (Dublin) Cost Per Month
Accommodation (1 room €850
Electric, gas, water and garbage bills €160
Internet €40
Transport (monthly ticket) €120
Telephone €20
Cable TV €35
Leisure €10 
Food €150
Total €1385


Why here? 

Ireland is the perfect place to fin end cheap travels all around Europe and that actually allows you to do it without losing your job or savings. If you want to travel and work then this is the perfect place for you, because of the work culture in Ireland if you have a holiday free workday on Tuesday or Thursday, then they give you also the Monday and Friday respectively so you have 4 days for yourself to travel, and we’re not counting vacations which are between 20 to 24 days. Ireland also have 5 international airports available to travel over Europe super cheap, so this along with their many leaves and holidays during the year makes it the perfect place to travel. 


This is a good starter for those young people who want to work abroad and have the opportunity to travel even more during their free time and we can help you find the opportunity to do it, we assist you during the entire process and make sure you don’t feel alone or hopeless during your adventure, so you can Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.