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Gianluca Divito Italy

Senior recruiter

Gianluca is born and raised in Italy and he currently resides in his home country after having travelled a lot. With a year under his belt at Job Squad since joining in May 2022, he has made a profound impact in his role as a recruiter. For Gianluca, being a recruiter is a joyous endeavor encompassing multiple facets. Every day brings new encounters with new individuals, allowing him to uncover their talents and unique qualities. Witnessing candidates stepping out of their comfort zones and taking on new challenges is a fulfilling experience. Moreover, he takes pride in being a trusted guide for those seeking to relocate to different countries, often receiving invitations from the successful candidates to explore captivating capital cities.

The story behind Gianluca's first move abroad is a testament to his adventurous spirit. After parting ways with a permanent job as a Store Manager for a multinational company, he felt an irresistible call to explore beyond his home country, and he went to sunny Lisbon. Taking a leap of faith, Gianluca applied for a Customer Service position in the tourism industry, and within a mere 15 days, he found himself attending training alongside colleagues from all corners of the globe. This transformative experience marked the beginning of his extensive European journey.

Leaving Lisbon behind, Gianluca embarked on a nomadic life, moving across the picturesque landscapes of southern Spain. Renting a car, he embarked on a captivating journey through Andalucia, immersing himself in the charm of cities like Seville, Granada, Malaga, Cordova, and Elda, where he resided with a welcoming Spanish family for three weeks. The family generously shared their culinary secrets, teaching him to prepare authentic paella and tapas—a blessing he cherishes to this day. His wanderlust eventually led him to Alicante and Barcelona, cities that has become familiar and beloved destinations for him.

Accompanying Gianluca throughout his adventures is his beloved canine companion, Cielo. With an uncanny knack for travel, Cielo faithfully accompanies Gianluca on planes, boats, trains, and even underground tubes, adding an extra touch of charm and companionship to their journey.

Gianluca's nomadic lifestyle has also taken him to Berlin, where he spent a summer, as well as Paris and Normandy, further enriching his cultural experiences and expanding his horizons. For Gianluca, moving to a new place offers endless opportunities. From the novel sights and sounds to the fresh perspectives and local mentalities, every aspect of a new environment fuels his sense of adventure. The opportunity for personal growth is the most precious gift that comes with each move, allowing him to continuously evolve and discover new dimensions of himself.

Gianluca has a passion for exploring local flea markets, indulging his passion for swimming as a former professional swimmer, embarking on leisurely walks with Cielo, relaxing with friends by the sea, or immersing himself in the discovery of new music and talented yet undiscovered artists—a perfect way to set the ambiance for any occasion.