French Chloé

What made you want to go abroad? And where did you find a job?
The desire to travel has always been there and I found on Jobsquad with the help of Marine

How was your first day at work? Very good, I was at the hotel and received my computer 5 days before.

Any advice for those considering taking a job abroad? Go for it and don’t be afraid!

**The picture is from the snowstorm in Athens in beginning of February 2021

Danish Ben & Philip

We thought it would be fun and a good challenge to move to another country. We found it online, On a job App called Simply Job and applied, after a call with a recruiter we got a call with the company and was ready to move. The hardest thing about it all was adapting to a new country and culture, but it was also the biggest learning. We for sure learned how to take care of ourself and finding your own way around.

It was a memorable experience, and the time went so fast, So make sure you do it and enjoy while you are there. Before you know it you are back in your “normal” life again.

Only thing we experienced was a bit of a challenge was living arrangements, make sure to look for a flat at home, and ask your recruiter because we did not and it could have been a huge help.

Swedish Jounes

I am 28, and moved from Sweden to Ireland, I moved abroad to be independent in a different country.

I found the job in Facebook posted by the recruiter Lasse and I picked it up saying that I was interested. I have learned a lot that made me realize what I am good at and the best memory so far is hard to say, but all the new opportunities that could be found and learning about other cultures is amazing.

My advice if you are thinking about moving abroad would be:

If you want to see changes in life you will have to dive in deep water, there you will learn that you can handle way more then you thought.


French Clémence

My studies didn’t allow me to have experience abroad. So I chose to go abroad on my own to improve my English, enrich my professional experiences, meet new people and discover a new culture. I work in Amsterdam, at Concentrix, in customer service for Nike. I found the job online, via Job Squad and spoke to Marine, she was French and helped me with all my questions.

My first day of work went very well. Many of us started on the same day and we had a month’s training. I found that we were very well supported. The atmosphere at Concentrix is really cool!

For those who are thinking about taking a job abroad, don’t hesitate any more, you have to go for it! I think you have to experience this at least once in your life. You’ll come out of it with lots of wonderful memories and new encounters!
And a little advice for those who want to go to Amsterdam, for accommodation, you have to do it really in advance, it’s quite complicated to find accommodation here. For the BSN, I advise you to make an appointment at the city hall as soon as possible so that you can get it as soon as you arrive in Amsterdam. Personally I did everything at the last moment so it’s feasible but your arrival in Amsterdam will be much more serene if you organize yourself a little bit better.

Danish Magnus

I had been looking for a job for a while and I always liked UK so when I got contacted by Job Squad who offered me a position in Belfast was it hard to not be intrigued. You can say the job found in a way! ?

The first day on the job was nice and I had really nice trainers and “class-mates”, nice atmosphere. It was an “easy start” the company helped with relocation, and both recruiters, new colleagues and HR was super good at answering questions and help wherever I needed it.

My advice to others would be JUST DO IT! I must admit I had a hard time at first, partly with money and partly with learning about PayPal (The client I work for), but I kept going and now it’s all worth it. Sometimes it is good to just test what you are capable of, and most times I learned that a little rough path is always worth it!

Danish Nadja
I always had a wish to live and work abroad. While growing up I looked at my aunt living and travelling all over the world, and I really wanted to do the same thing. We had a death in the near family recently and I decided to follow my dream, no need to wait any longer. -It is one of the best decisions I have ever taken, I do not regret it one minute!
I found Job Squad online and contacted them. I spoke with a recruiter in Danish. They help me find a job that fitted me, both for starting date and location. The job in Tallinn is perfect for me!
The first day at the job was fantastic, the colleagues were so sweet and helpful, they truly helped me make it a great first day. I was nervous but it was worth it!
I can only advise other people to do it, no reason to wait.
It is the best way to start on a fresh, with yourself, test yourself and experience yourself. The people you meet who have done the same as you are sweet and welcoming, so no excuse!
Finnish Antti

Greetings from Athens!


I am Antti and my educational degree is in construction and I have been building houses for the past 10 years and the past four years as an entrepreneur. And during that time I have done other projects as an entrepreneur. I also completed my business degree during those years. 


While being in Finland I was pondering my life and I felt stagnant for some reason. I knew I needed to make change. For years I had been thinking about travelling more and even moving somewhere else in the world. I knew I needed to create change of some sort in my life. So I made the decision that I will move somewhere warm. 


I came across an ad on Facebook about a job in Athens and I contacted Liisa to find out more information about the job. Liisa helped me with the application process and also answered many other questions that I had as I was considering taking a step to a new chapter in my life. I had a job interview over Skype and they asked me when I was ready to start in a new job. I had about two months that I needed to take care of everything in Finland before leaving. 


I gave up my apartment, sold my car and I sold pretty much everything I owned. All I kept was one luggage of clothing and my laptop. During this time I was also asked if I was able to start earlier, but I had to say no those offers. The day to leave finally arrived and I was very excited about the changes coming to my life. The flight went well and there was a taxi waiting for me at the airport and the driver took me directly to the hotel. I had two days free to look around and then my training for work started. 


The first week wet so quickly and I made many new friends and I felt very welcome. I had two weeks hotel accommodation and then a Spanish woman from my work came to tell that they are looking for a flat mate, so now I am living with two flatmates. 


I had been at work only for one month and then my job offered to fly me and my colleague to Finland for a three day training – all travels, taxis and food of course paid! 


Now I have been working here for three months and also gotten a chance to do sightseeing and I have done cruises to the near by Greek islands as well. It’s absolutely amazing to see and experience another culture and meet international people.  


I would recommend this to everyone: to see and explore the world. I am excitedly waiting the adventures to come!  


All I want to say –  Remember that nothing changes unless  you change something!

Danish Steffen

So about 2-3 weeks I ago I was just surfing on social media, randomly saw a new group called, Danish jobs abroad. quickly got in contact Lasse and been a quick and wild road from there. I applied to the group Thursday and I got in contact with the company on Friday, I flew out the next Thursday and started my training Friday. Now I live in Greece, I am in the top of my training class and looking forward to a big career. So to shorting it a bit, I took a big risk and haven’t looked back since.

My first day was kinda unreal just because it was so fast and how just a week ago I was going to High School back in Denmark, now I was here about to start my 40 hours a week everyday life. before I was surrounded with 16-19 years old with no idea to do with life. Now I’m among the youngest in the company and I work with people who are professional and goal orienterende. We got introduced and a lot of information, I met my new classmates a bit of a weird combination but it works. My most memorable from that day is after class we went to get Slovaki (the most common food in Athen) and local beer.

Never been happier about I choice I have made in my life. My biggest advice is just to do it, you’re young and wanna experience the world jump in the boat and travel, experience the culture and how much you grow as a person in just a few months.

Swedish Alexos

I saw an ad online telling me about Cyprus and Limassol and the job I became interested right away.

It was amazing! The people helping me getting the job were nice. I was expecting it to be tough but instead, it was nice and simple thanks to them.

On my first day, it was very nice. Everyone welcomed me in a nice way. A LOT of information about procedures etc. outside work I ate a lot. The benefits here are amazing.

It is hard to find one thing with this experience that I would say had been the best, as there have been so many moments so it’s hard to choose I would say when I passed the test and got the job.


I am very happy that I moved. My biggest challenge was taking in all the information but now it’s alright, just one step at a time!

Finnish Emma

I graduated last August from the university with a master’s degree having studied languages (mainly Swedish) and communication. I enjoyed my time studying for six years and never did an exchange abroad, which had kind of been bugging me for a while, on top an existential crisis I was having 😀

So I was curious for some international game and career and applied for a Facebook group for Finns who are looking for a job abroad. Wasn’t sure what I was expecting to be honest, before entering the group. Working abroad to me sounded like an adventure, meeting new people and getting to know different cultures and languages. Humanist through and through, right? The recruiter that I was in contact with did her best throughout the whole process to get me hired somewhere, which was something that I hadn’t got experience while applying for a job in Finland. I felt a professional whose expertise is valued, which was awesome.


I arrived here only a couple of days before my work started and I was so excited! I remember walking to work, reading through my contract and meeting a bunch of new people: from different departments, from my training group, my trainers and so forth. Everybody were very welcoming and nice, I felt the international vibe and atmosphere right away.


At the moment I couldn’t be happier that I moved here. After living here for under three weeks I already feel like home. Sure, the climate and a bunch of other things are quite different to what I’m used to. The biggest challenge so far has maybe been the heat and how to deal with that in various situations. But that is one of the things that makes this so exciting. I’m comfortable at work, finding my way around the city little by little and meeting new people is the best. If you are considering moving to a Mediterranean country, my advice is: do it. Do your research, but don’t hesitate, because you could get so much out of it. And if you end up having miserable time (which I seriously doubt), you can always go back.

So far I’ve learned a lot about myself and other people, which is so rewarding. My biggest experiences, I think, are still ahead of me here!

Swedish Ted

I guess I left my country to get some well worth experiences and a chance to mature a bit on my own. Generally, living in Stockholm can be pretty expensive, so I grabbed the opportunity to move to Athens as soon as it was presented to me. I saw it a chance to try my wings so to speak, live on my own, meet new people and get a chance to grow on my own, and think about what I really want to do in life.

Moving so abruptly felt kind of stressful too me, the first few days in the hotel you didn’t really know what to expect. A bit of exploring the area surrounding you but mostly lying around in bed waiting for the training to begin. Once you show up at training and meet the other trainees you immediately relax a little and feel as if for a moment you are all in the same boat.

I am very happy I grabbed the opportunity, there is nothing about the move that I regret. The only piece of advice I want to stress on to others looking to move abroad is: Do not put all of your trust in the real estate agencies, they have lots of people to offer apartments too. And what you are offered one day may be taken the next. What I mean is while you are in contact with the real estate agencies, do yourself the favour to get a plan A, B and C from alternative websites that also offer apartments, (most often you will end up with a local as the landlord.) This is what I did, and had I not been looking for apartments on third-party websites I would probably not have found anything affordable through the real estate agencies. Keep this in mind if your budget is low.

Danish Trine

I found this job only because I was looking for full-time jobs and my friend asked me why I didn’t look for a job abroad like we both had done about 6 months prior to that. So I did, and I found this Costumer support job in Malta. I was hooked up by Linda who my friend and I had had short contact with beforehand.

Linda set me up for my first interview. I was told that I would get their response about 2 days later but already the same day, a few hours later, Linda called me to let me know that they would like to have me for a second interview which I didn’t even expect would happen so fast! But I said yes to the interview and about one month later I landed in Malta, ready for my new job!


My first day was interesting! A lot of new people to meet and a lot of new information and procedures to learn already there!

I really felt welcome already when I stepped inside the building. I’m walking to work everyday now after I moved since it’s only a 25 minutes walk and I absolutely love it!

My first day in Malta was 4 days before I had my first day at work. I lived at this Airbnb with 8 amazing other people who I’m still in contact with! We went hiking to St. Peters pool on my very first day and it was actually so amazing, I felt so welcome in the place and with the people.


I’m so happy I moved! I love seeing new places and travel the world and have done so too a lot. The biggest challenge was to get everything together BEFORE I moved to Malta.

I was moving from Copenhagen back to my home city/my parents around 1,5 week before I was flying to Malta so I had a lot of stuff to take care of and I was having many sleepless nights!

Advice: Before flying to Malta, do some research on potential places you’d like to move to. Get in contact with people who rent rooms or apartments already before you leave your country, maybe set up a meeting with them so you can see the place when you arrive. If you need to take the bus a lot, get a Tallinja card pretty much the same day or the day after you arrive. It will come in handy. Bring warm clothes during winter time. Humidity and cold weathers do not go hand in hand. It can be pretty cold.

Biggest learning experience: Be thankful and smile to the people around you. It’ll also really come in handy. Be open-minded and curious.

French Imad

So I am 24 and I came to Amsterdam alone for love of the city and every opportunity this city can give to us. It is beautiful and people here are so sweet and helpful!

For someone who wants to work in communication and design, you’re in the best place ever, so many different jobs, and the one I ended up in gives me so many different opportunities for my future. -I am very happy that I did it!

If you want to come here be sure to save money because when you started to live here you have a lot of stuff to pay for, that you do not think about beforehand, such as deposit for an apartment, new transport card and all the things you just normally have in household, that you need to buy again.

But don’t let that scare you! -Do it, if you want to take a chance on yourself!

Finnish Ida

I was in the 3rd year of my university studies when I realised that I would not want to work in that field at all once I’d graduate, so I dropped out and started working full time instead while figuring out what it is that I want to do with my life.

Living and working abroad has always been a dream and goal of mine that I’ve just always kind of postponed to when I’m older/when I’ve saved more money/when I’ve graduated etc, but now I felt that it’s time to finally do something about it. I started browsing Facebook groups intended for Scandinavian or Finnish people who are looking for jobs anywhere abroad, and applied for the first one that sounded interesting and actually ended up getting the job! 🙂

The job was customer support advisor in iGaming, and the job was in MALTA. Needless to say, I was super excited about this.

The biggest challenge so far has been to empty my apartment in Finland and get rid of most of my belongings before moving. Although I’ve only been here in Malta for a week, I can say that moving here has been the best decision I’ve ever made. The people are really helpful and friendly, the weather is nice even though this is the coldest month of the year, the job seems interesting and the atmosphere at the office is great 🙂

To you who are reading this and thinking about moving abroad: just go for it! You can always go back if you for some reason don’t like it. Also, you don’t want to spend your days in the retirement home sitting in a rocking chair and wondering “what if” 🙂

German Alena

It all started with me being unhappy with my job and my situation back in Germany. One day I was sitting in my apartment, drinking a bottle of wine and thought about moving abroad. Why not? So I started to search online for countries where it’s easy to settle down and where people are talking English. I ended up with Malta or London, but since I already explored London and didn’t want to be caught in a big city again, I decided to try Malta. Searching for a job was also quite easy. Believe me, when I woke up the next morning, a bit hungover, I was confused about having a job offer.

My parents weren’t that happy at first but since day 1 on this beautiful island, I am happier than I’ve ever been to before.


The first days were tough but I started to end every day with being more proud of myself than the day before for all the little challenges I’ve succeeded in during the day. It’s been 6 months now and I am fluent in English, made so many new friends from all over the world and after starting in Customer Support 5 months ago, I’m about to work as a German Team leader next month.


Moving abroad was the best decision of my life. It helped me gain more self-confidence, more pride, more strength and a whole new perspective of life since I’m dealing with so many different cultures. I would lie if I’d say that it has been easy every day, but living in paradise with over 300 sunny days a year, close to the sea with many amazing people my age was worth all the stress that I’ve experienced during my first day. I’ve I could then I would have made this decision earlier.

My advice to you? Don’t wait until you’re ready, that day will never come. Just do it and start to enjoy the life you’re living!


Norwegian Tony

In 2018 I had a steady full-time job as a cashier in the city of Tromsø in Norway. It was a simple life, but I did not have many possibilities for future jobs and plans. By summer 2018, I had decided to go on a bartender course in Greece. I had the lust for adventure but did not dare to go somewhere permanent, so 1 month in Greece was perfect.

I then wanted to try being a bartender. Quickly realizing getting a bartender job abroad with a good enough salary, was very challenging. Then one day, my sister sent me a link “get a job abroad”. Looked good enough, good salary, free flight tickets and accommodation for a while, which was key, since I didn’t have a lot of money saved up for the move itself.
I applied, and the next day I was contacted by JobSquad. They were very helpful during the whole process, which to me was a bit crazy, but they made it so easy and smooth, covering everything so I didn’t have to worry about almost anything.
I was told what was needed to be done, and in a very short time I had the job offer, and there was not a doubt in my mind that this was what I wanted to do now, this was my next chapter.
I arrived in Malta late at night, close to midnight. Picked up at the airport by a cab (also provided by the company), and was driven to the apartment I was going to stay in for the first 2 weeks. It was empty when I arrived, but I knew I would have roommates. They came back soon after I unpacked and they had bought drinks and snacks for the night.
A very nice welcome in my opinion. The other first few days were full of exploration, getting to know the Island and where we lived, and of course having a few late nights with all the new friends. Malta is good for that!
I am so happy that I took the leap and moved to Malta. It has always been a dream to work and live abroad, but too scared to actually do, until now.
There have been many challenges. But not one of them has been so hard I regret moving.
I guess the biggest challenge is settling in, you know. Getting a place to live, getting all the things you want to call it your home, getting to know work and how everything is done in a new environment and the thing I hate the most, financial decisions and taking care of your spending so you do not end up with too little for the important things like rent and so on.
Danish Morten
Lisbon, Portugal

The reason for me moving was because I wanted to try something new and like the good weather. The weather in Denmark was to grey and I was ready to test myself in a new enviroment.

So far I’ve only been in Lisbon two weeks, but I’ve been spending most of my time outside work with my new friends, there are a lot of cool people working here and everyone is super open to experience life and meet new people.

I am very happy that I choose to move to Lissabon. Although it´s a little bit hard to communicate with the Portuguese people a lot of them don´t understand English, so I am teaching myself Portuguese words and sign language. It is a great experience and a huge challenge.

Danish Andreas
Athens, Greece


The reason for me taking the job in Athens was that I just felt the need to get some fresh air, so I contacted the recruiter, Frederik. I didn’t expect the whole transition to be as easy as it was!

The beginning was stressful but a lot of fun. I spend the day with some people from my hotel who also happened to be trainees at the same company as me, that was a good start!

As of now, I’m still glad I left my home and went on this adventure, but it’s obviously always hard to pull up your roots. So my advice is: be aware of the decision you take! You learn a lot about yourself though! -For me it’s been all worth it!

Swedish Sandra

Well, it all started when I went to Malta for a vacation for 5 days and then I absolutely loved the weather, the people and the nightlife.

After I returned to Sweden I was looking for jobs near to the city I lived it, but I could not shake the feeling of living abroad. So I thought, why not get a job abroad? -Said and done, I texted my friend in Malta, and he gave me the contact information for Linda, and I sent her my CV. From there it all escalated fast and a few days later I was moving to Malta. The process was simple, fast and felt easy.

Linda took really nice care of me, she made me feel at home and has become a good friend of mine. I never thought when I left my family in Sweden that I would find a family in Job Squad.

It was truly nerve-wracking, my thoughts were like “Will I be good enough?” “Will people like me?” and “Will I be able to stay focused?” But the first days just passed by so fast, and I felt at home instantly.

I am super happy that I moved!

My biggest challenge was to let go of the life I left at home, family and friends and start a new life in a foreign country.

The most memorable moment (so far) was climbing a cliff, with my boyfriend at the time, and watching the sunset. At that moment I thought that ” I am a traveller” and someday I will be able to say “I’ve seen the world!” to be able to realize what you want out of life and have a goal is a very memorable feeling. – I would never have had that if I did not move abroad!

The best advice I can give it to go into it with an open mind, and do it. Be sure what you want to do and then don’t be afraid to do it! Do whatever you want as long as you are brave enough to do it.

My biggest learning experience is that even when everything seems to fall apart. If you just stay focused and determined you can overcome most!

Humans are incredible

Especially Brave humans!

Danish Camilla

My dream has always been to go out and see the world. To interact with people from all over, to feel independent and free. The thing is, as a humble sceptical Danish, I also had the feeling of not to leave my country.

I was turning to old I thought. Many of my friends were either pregnant or starting their dream education. I was not prepared for that. At all! At the age of 23, I didn’t have much money. I did not have any savings from my parents, and my everyday life has always needed me to support my self. I was in an unhealthy relationship that made me doubt myself. In short, I was about to give up on my dream and myself for unacceptable reasons when this opportunity appeared on my Facebook.

April 2018, I was offered a job, as a Danish speaking Online Gamepresenter. Linda, my recruiter, helped me through the stages and arranged it all together with me. And when I look back, I feel I haven’t thanked her enough. It was hard thinking about me leaving the job I’ve had for almost 4 years. The friends but especially my sister, brother and my best friend who was pregnant. Again they told me not to think about them but realize my dream no matter how far away I would be.

I’ve learned so much for these 9 months I’ve been here now! Finding my own apartment, making decisions I’ve never thought I would be able to take part in, and has grown.

A fresh start with loving people that has their own mind-blowing story, the empathy and understanding you’re filled up with.

The best working memory must have been when I was chosen pretty quickly to be a part of a business trip to Copenhagen and Riga with my bosses and project leader. So cool! And the best memory in general? Hmm. That’s a difficult one… looking out from my first apartment on 7th floor. The sunrise over the Mediterranean sea. The sound of the waves… Me not ever wanting to leave this feeling. Or the many tans from spending whole days at the cliffs? Going out with new friends or colleagues that makes you feel like 14 again? To be in love and loved by someone with the same dreams and visions as mine? To travel every 2nd month? Being a part of Malta’s fiestas with the most amazing fireworks, that looks like it’s Disney Land’s anniversary.

You see, the moments that really matter – the ones you’ll never forget… it’s when you’re truly in your heart can feel the joy. So thank you!

Norwegian Isak
Copenhagen, Denmark

I and my girlfriend decided we wanted to move to Copenhagen, she got into school and so I had to look for a job.

My expectations in terms of getting a job were good/high. My expectations of the rank of the job were low, meaning I did not really care what kind of job it was. I wasn’t picky.

My first day was actually the ”Julefrokost” Christmas party. So that was exciting, weird, funny, awkward but it was good. I got to meet all my coworkers in a very relaxed and nice setting so it was great. My first work day was very good, I was eased into it.

I’m very happy that I moved. My biggest challenge I would say is the Danish language. I’m very good at adapting and not getting stressed so I’m good with dealing with pressure and challenges but the Danish language is very tricky due to how they say their words.

I have learning experiences every single day, but I think my biggest would be when I was thrown into the fire(work) because of coworkers being sick. I learn by doing so it was good.

Danish Louise

I thought I moved to Malta for a job. Because I needed a change in my life and because I always wanted to live abroad in a beautiful sunny place.

But what it was was something way bigger than what I could have imagined. Here I found the purpose for my life, I discovered who I am, and I walked into the plan for my life.

Because I found Jesus. And discovered His beautiful Gospel and the unconditional love of God. Now I am completely changed, my heart is healed and I am finally free.

Malta is an amazing place for all types of people no matter who you are. But no matter where you are if you have God you will be blessed.

Swedish Fred
Dublin, Ireland

Well, it all started with me establishing contact through my brother’s roommate. Firstly I didn’t look for a job abroad but when I got the offer I felt excited about a fresh start so I just went for it. I expected meeting like-minded new friends and to explore a new country with them turning the weekends.

I arrived one day before I was supposed to start working, I don’t recommend it because it didn’t give me time to settle in. But my first day at work was great, I met a lot of new kind people with the same hobbies and humour. After work, I went out for a pint at the local pub with the other people who also just have had their first day. My first Friday was the most memorable, we explored the nightlife and I could nonetheless say that I wasn’t disappointed. We had a great night and I met a lot of new local friends.

I’m happy that I’ve moved, for me it felt like the right thing to do. I love meeting and making new friends so the move was a great thing for me. I would say my biggest challenge so far was when I got the job offer and I had to mentally prepare myself for the trip. Everything went too fast for me. Luckily I got a lot of support from my contacts at Job Squad and the company I’m working for. If I could give any advice it is to give yourself a extra week to prepare yourself for the trip.

Danish Janni
Dublin, Ireland

After finishing High School I decided to take a few years off from school in order to work instead. So I started searching for jobs to apply and that was when I found this job add for a job in Dublin as a Technical Support Analyst. The job sounded professional, but I seemed to meet the requirements even though I didn’t have that much experience at the time. I wasn’t planning on working abroad, but I thought to myself “why not? Nothing is holding me back”. So I applied and was contacted the next day. I had simply no expectations. My decision to work abroad was very spontaneous and I haven’t been travelling a lot, because I have been busy with school – so it was all very new to me. I tried to be open-minded about the whole situation, and I was very excited.

On my first day, I was very nervous and a bit anxious. I was afraid I would give a bad impression or make a fool out of myself. However, I was giving a warm welcome by the company and was quickly adjusted. The Irish are polite and sympathetic people, which makes it easy to feel safe and comfortable in the country. My colleagues became my friends very quickly and they were all very welcoming. They were also all boys, which caused a lot of boy’s humour and testosterone on the desk. But it was okay – we’ve had a lot of laughs. Outside of work I also spent time with my colleagues. We had our usual spot at the local bar, where we could get the after-work beer and taste the well-known Guinness.

I must admit that when I first was contacted about a job-offer in Dublin I said no. I thought I wasn’t ready. I’ve always lived with my parents, so to move out and then even to another country 1178 kilometres from Denmark seemed like a big step that I was afraid to take. That was my biggest challenge – to take that step. I advice others to be spontaneous like I was. It gave me so much as a person. To travel to another country alone and start a new life just allowed me to grow and to find out what I’m capable of achieving on my own. I’ve had a life-changing experience by moving to Ireland and can only advise others to do the same.


Danish Rikke
Malta & Thailand

I moved to see some more of the world and get experiences about a different culture and job opportunities.

My trip has been fantastic, been in Malta for 5 months and now I am in Thailand. Have plans to stay here for 9-10 months I was 21 when I started my trip, I turned 22 while I was in Malta, and now I have to hold my 23 year birthday here in Thailand. YAAAY 🙂

I just had a period at home to see the family and my friends but could feel that I would quickly leave again. I have travelled alone, but I made new friends all the time, my English was okay, it has improved a lot after my first trip and I have done really well.

Don’t be afraid to travel abroad. You’ll get so much out of it and you will grow with the task and every step you take on your way.

Everything is different, but that’s what makes it something special!

Swedish Simon
Dublin, Ireland

I was looking for a job when I stumbled upon a Facebook ad about a job as a technical support analyst in Dublin, which sounded interesting (I´m quite bad with computers but being a hacker genius is not a requirement).

I got an immediate response and a week after our first contact I moved to Ireland. I did go alone but since I stayed at a b&b with another new employee of the same company in it, so I was never really completely alone. I´ve been here for a month now and all is going well. I´ve just gotten an apartment with the guy I met on the first day.

For anyone who is looking to move to Ireland: Start looking for an apartment even before you move, there are lots of apartments and rooms to rent in the “Dublin – Rent, Let, House Hunting – Rooms, Houses, Flats, Apartments” group so that is a good place to start looking. Also, don´t be intimidated by moving to a different country. It´s been way smoother than I anticipated.

The people are really nice and friendly, if you ask anyone for help they will surely assist you. Just make sure you have some money saved up since living here is quite costly, but it is an amazing experience nevertheless.

German Sarah

I’m now living since almost two years in Malta.

Since I was 16 years old I always wanted to move abroad and then I finally did it after I finished my studies and worked some time in my home country Germany.

It was the best decision so far. Explore a new culture, a new way of living and make international friends really broadens your horizon. I’m a very curious person and that’s why I really like to experience new things.

On top of that, I now speak fluent English which is only really possible if you move abroad.

If you are open minded, not afraid of asking for help and ready to accept new ways of thinking and living I personally think that there are no big challenges while moving abroad. Here is my tip for you: Don’t worry too much, you’ll figure it out on the way – just go for it!

Danish Mike
Dublin, Ireland

The reason I moved to Ireland was that of the feeling to see the world while getting to know the local people. The reason I choose the place I did was because it has a great working environment, a lot of bonuses, good salary and the cantine is the best, plus I always wanted to see Ireland and taste Guinness right from the brewery.

I work at DXC technology as a customer support agent for DSB, which is a great job.

I started this trip alone and inexperienced but after the first few days there was already a lot of people to talk to, people over here are super friendly, they have a saying instead of hello it’s ” how are ya” you can’t be anything but happy everytime you hear that. I learned from the trip over here nothing is impossible, the only boundaries you have is the ones u give yourself, you get the chance to expand your mindset, meet new nationalities, talk to strangers who treat you like a friend even though you just met.

The summer over here was so warm you only needed shorts and a T-shirt, it was the hottest summer they ever had in Ireland if you ask the locals, me and a friend decided to live in a tent for 2 months because we wanted to get the full experience of what its like to be here, and are we glad to have done it. The camp as we called Tent Avenue was close to the river so every morning we made a campfire, took a skinny dip in the river, ate the toast and sausage we made over the fire right before we could take the train to work, and the best part for last, they had a training facility where we could take a shower before going upstairs, then we would not smell like bonfire.

The biggest challenge over here, was to pick the right kind of tea, Ireland only has two big brands but that means there is also two kind of people, I’m not a tea drinker myself but apparently its a big deal over here. The best tipi have to people who move over here for jobs is that, relax, be yourself, enjoy the weather, Ireland is such a good place also if you are confused on what you wanna do, where you wanna live, taxes, there are people everywhere who wanna help you get the most out of the time you are here.

I’m happy I did this, it was a big step, a big chance! BUT the confusion, in the beginning, is nothing compared with the gain in the end!

Norwegian Helle

Som 18 åring pakket jeg kofferten og reiste til Orlando, Florida for å jobbe for den berømte Mikke Mus i Disney World. Jeg må nok innrømme at jeg var nervøs, men jeg har aldri angret på at jeg gjorde dette. Under kan du lese min historie om hvordan det var å jobbe i et annet land og hva jeg fikk med meg derfra.

Hvordan fikk jeg ideen om å flytte til et annet land? Og hvorfor hadde jeg lyst til det?Det hele startet en kald desemberdag siste året på videregående. Vi hadde alle begynt og planlegge russefeiringen, og samtidig stresset vi noe voldsomt over hva vi skulle foreta oss videre. Til nå hadde alt vært trygt og godt, mens nå visste ingen hva fremtiden ville bringe. Da en av mine venninner fortalte meg om sitt møte med nordmennene som jobbet på EPCOT senteret i Disney World, Orlando, var jeg solgt. Dette måtte være hva jeg skulle gjøre det neste året.

Hvordan fikk jeg jobben? Måten jeg gikk frem på var at jeg søkte på Google, ”Jobb i Disney World.” Og derifra gikk det ganske fort til at jeg faktisk sendte inn søknaden og alle papirer som skulle med. For min del hadde det egentlig ikke så mye å si hva jeg faktisk jobbet med, jeg hadde bare lyst til å oppleve noe nytt, bo i et annet land, møte nye mennesker og bli bedre i engelsk. Da jeg fikk beskjeden om at jeg hadde fått jobben etter jeg hadde vært på intervju i Oslo ble jeg hoppende glad, samtidig som jeg ble litt redd. Nå skulle faktisk en av mine drømmer gå i oppfyllelse!

Hva gikk jobben ut på? Mange har spurt meg hva jeg jobba med i Orlando, og de fleste tror jeg har jobbet som Mikke Mus eller Donald Duck. De blir kanskje litt skuffa når jeg forteller at jeg jobba som servitør i restauranten Akershus som serverte ”norsk” mat, jobbet i bakeriet, og solgte øl i en ølvogn på den norske paviljongen i EPCOT senteret. Noe av det morsomste ved jobben var likevel det å kunne snakke med alle menneskene som besøkte den norske paviljongen. De hadde spennende spørsmål som når jaktsesongen på troll begynte i Norge, om det gikk isbjørner rundt i gatene, og om vi i Norge gikk gravide i 12 måneder fordi det var så kaldt der. Som uniform skulle vi selvfølgelige ha på bunad, det ultimative tegnet på at vi faktisk kom fra Norge. Mange Amerikaner trodde nemlig at vi i Norge gikk med bunad til vanlig. Jobben i seg selv var ikke den mest spennende, MEN dette betydde ingenting for meg. Jeg fikk nemlig oppleve så mye annet ved å ha en jobb i et annet land.

Hva har du lært av å bo og jobbe i et annet land? Jeg fikk med meg utrolig mange fine opplevelser og erfaringer på mine 6 måneder i Orlando. Jeg var på utallige kostymefester, spilte veldig mange runder beerpong og flip the cup, jeg møtte min beste venninne i Boca Raton hvor hun jobbet som Au Pair, jeg var på sumpsafari i Kissimmee hvor vi så store alligatorer, vi solte oss på Miami Beach, var på basketkamp mellom Orlando Magic og Atlanta Hawks, jeg har med meg utallige vennskap, jeg sto på wakeboard for første og siste gang, morsomme fester, turer til New York, Cancun, og fartet rundt omkring i hele Florida.

Noe jeg oppdaget tidlig var også at det å bo og jobbe i et annet land, var en fantastisk måte å reise på. Det jeg mener med det, er at man har en base hvor man holder til, og at man derifra kan utforske området, byen og landet man bor i. Jeg vil si at på grunn av at man er på et sted over en lenger periode har man enklere ved å bli kjent med de lokale, man opplever kulturen på en annen måte fordi man unngår turistfellene, man får tette vennskap fordi man opplever noe annerledes sammen, og man lærer utrolig mye om seg selv. Hva stopper egentlig deg fra og søke en jobb i utlandet?

Danish Julie

I moved from Denmark to Malta, because I would try something different and not something you “can do” in Denmark.

I chose Malta, because I saw it on Facebook and thought that was something I’d never could do, but then I got the message that they would love to see me and talk to me and a new chapter for someone like me began. I moved to Malta all by my self, because I needed to do something on my own and get my own experience..

I was 19 when I left Denmark and were living in Malta! I was in Malta about 2 months only!! I know too little, but in these 2 months I learned so much about culture, how to take care of myself, but most of all I learned so much about myself… I learned that I could do so much more than I thought! And the people in Malta, urgh, god, they are so sweet and everyone is taking care of each other, so I think it’s the people. You have friends for life.. my adventure ended way too early, and I would do so much to come back, working with cards again, with people, the place, everything.. my biggest challenge was actually before I moved…

I’m a family type of person, so the days before (3) I was scared, I was nervous and thought that the world would stop when I left Denmark, but I discovered that the world didn’t stop… I could travel home fast and I could talk to my family every day! I miss Malta and that was the best decision I’ve ever made for me !!

So yes be nervous and maybe scared, but you’re not gonna regret it !!