Living cost in Lisbon

maj 21, 2020

Lisbon is one of the least expensive capital cities in Europe to visit, and when compared to other major global cities, Lisbon provides exceptional value for money. The cost of accommodation is reasonably priced, and standards are high, but the real value of Lisbon is discovered when, using public transport, sightseeing or eating out. 



If you want to save some money on your accommodation then you should consider renting a room in a shared apartment it can cost from 250 to 400€. Anyway, if you like having your own place a one-bedroom apartment’s price is between 700 €and 1500€. Of course, you can always find cheaper, and more expensive ones. 


Food and Drink

The normal grocery items’ prices are not expensive you can buy a litre of milk for 0.64€ or a half kilogram of bread for 1.11€. If you decided to eat out that’s cheaper as well than in other countries’ capital. A meal in a restaurant can cost €8.25, a pizza’s price is between 4.5€ and 6.5€. If you wanna have some drinks with your dinner these are the prices you need to expect a beer is around 2€, a bottle of wine is around 5€. 



If you would like to use public transport you should count on a monthly pass which costs 36€ with this you can use the metros, buses, tramps. Besides that, there are other options you can use trains and fares. If you own a car then you should count with 1.55€ gasoline price for every litre. The other option to travel around the city to use a taxi, the taxi’s price starts at 3.5€ and after that, every kilometre is 0.47€ which is cheaper than usually in other countries. Über works in Lisbon, and the fare are cheap compared with my other European cities, Lisbon was one of the first to adopt the Über concept in Europe. Use our Über discount code if it is the first time you are trying it, you get 5€ off your first ride : linds57yui


Fun & freetime

If you like working out then you should know that a monthly pass to the gym costs 33.57€. Do you like movies? If yes then head to the cinema for a ticket which cost 7€. A glass of wine in a bar approximately costs 3€, beer is cheap it usually costs between 1-2€. If you have a mood to go out dancing you should know that there is usually an entrance fee which is around 5€. 

Situated out to the Atlantic Ocean Lisbon offers some of the best surfing spots in Europe, so if you live there, do yourself the favor and take surfer lessons, they are down to 20€ per our from professionals.


General expenses
One-Bedroom apartment 700-900€
One bedroom in flat (city centre) 250-400€
A pint of beer €2
Transport a monthly pass €35
One way ticket 1,6€
Cinema ticket €7
2 litre of water €1


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