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Rui Teixeira Portugal, Spain

Talent Hunter

Introducing Rui, a valuable member of our team at Job Squad who hails from the beautiful city of Porto, Portugal, and currently resides nearby. With a tenure of over a year since November 2022, Rui has made a significant impact in his role as a recruiter.

When asked about his favorite aspect of being a recruiter, Rui's face lights up with enthusiasm. He finds great fulfillment in assisting companies in finding the perfect candidate for their positions. Witnessing the magic of a successful match brings him immense happiness, making his job as a recruiter incredibly rewarding.

Rui's own journey of moving abroad began in 2011 when he decided to embark on a professional challenge and settled in the United Kingdom for nearly five years. Seeking an international experience before starting a family, Rui saw this opportunity as a significant step in his personal and professional growth. As he reflects on his time in the UK, Rui cherishes the exposure to different cultures and the valuable connections he made during his stay.

For Rui, the best thing about moving to a new place is the opportunity to immerse oneself in a new culture, connect with diverse individuals, and experience personal growth through new experiences and perspectives.

When he's not busy assisting others in their international journeys, Rui dedicates his time to his family, relishing the precious moments spent with his loved ones. In addition, he has a unique hobby that involves establishing radio contacts with people from faraway places using amateur radio equipment. Through this hobby, Rui has formed connections with individuals from the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Morocco, and more. Furthermore, Rui has an immense passion for photography, capturing the beauty of various picturesque locations.

One special quality about Rui is his competitive spirit. Whether in a game or in his professional pursuits, he enjoys the thrill of the challenge and always strives to emerge victorious.

When asked if there was anything else to know about him, Rui modestly replied that there was nothing more to add. However, he did offer some valuable advice for those considering a move abroad. Rui cautions others to be cautious of individuals who may try to take advantage but emphasizes that the experience of moving to another country is a transformative and enriching one. He believes that the memories made during this adventure will remain etched in one's heart, akin to the significance of a first day at school or a wedding day.

Rui's passion for his work, dedication to helping others, and his adventurous spirit make him an invaluable member of the Job Squad team. If you are seeking guidance and support for your own international journey, Rui is the person to turn to, providing expert advice and assistance every step of the way.