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Danish Kundesupport – Gothenburg (hybrid)

Taler du dansk, og har lyst til at vokse i en veletableret og førende virksomhed, og vil du have en hybrid arbejdsmodel med kontor i Gøteborg? Så er dette job måske noget for dig!

Job squad
Dansk Kundeservicemedarbejder for Viaplay – Stockholm

Som dansktalende kundeservicemedarbejder for Viaplay i Stockholm, Sverige, vil du yde eksperthjælp til kunder og håndtere forespørgsler via forskellige digitale kanaler.

Job squad
Dansk Kundesupportmedarbejder til Stor Kinesisk Teknologivirksomhed – Göteborg

Bliv en del af vores kundesupportteam i Göteborg, der hjælper Huaweis kunder. Dansk som modersmål og flydende engelsk er påkrævet. Konkurrencedygtig løn, karriereudvikling, udstationeringspakke, sportsaktiviteter og meget mere. Indsend CV og ansøgning på engelsk. Kontakt vores rekrutteringsmedarbejder for spørgsmål.


Den officielle valuta er den svenske krone (ISO-kode: SEK, symbol: kr)

Irland bruger euroen (ISO: EUR, symbol: €) som sin officielle valuta

Nogle kendte svenskere er Zlatan Ibrahimović, Astrid Lindgren og DJ'en Avicii


Sverige har en befolkning på cirka 10,4 millioner mennesker, hvoraf mange bor i Stockholm

Typisk mad

Köttbullar (frikadeller), pytt i panna (svitsede grøntsager og kød med æg og ketchup), kanelbullar (kanelsnegle), semla (sød rulle)

Gennemsnitlig arbejdsuge

Sverige har en 40 timers arbejdsuge, 8 timer dagligt fordelt over 5 dage om ugen


Sverige ligger i det nordlige Europa (en del af Skandinavien), og grænser op til Norge og Finland. Hovedstaden er Stockholm.


Det officielle sprog er svensk, og de bruger latinsk skrift ligesom i Danmark


Svensk sundhedspleje er højt rangeret på et globalt plan. Sundhedsvæsenet er primært finansieret af skatter.

Everything you should know about Sweden

Are you looking for a job in Sweden? There are plenty of experiences waiting for you if you are considering working in Sweden for a shorter or longer time. The culture, landscapes and culinary traditions make Sweden stand out, and you are guaranteed a fun experience filled with both professional and personal development.

Sweden offers both city life and magnificent nature. Stockholm is one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals with its many canals and bridges. Right next to the lively city lies an archipelago with more than 30,000 islands, skerries and rocks. Here it is very normal to sail, hike, fish and much, much more.

Work and work culture in Sweden

In Swedish companies, you will often find that negotiations and decisions take a little longer. In a business context, the Swedes seek consensus and therefore make sure to involve many parties before a decision is made. They are loyal to their partners, but it can also take a long time to build a good relationship because the Swedish work culture is more formal.

If you move to Sweden and find a job, you must pay ordinary income tax, which is divided into municipal and state tax. You must also have a Swedish bank account to receive your salary. You can create a salary account by visiting the bank, and you must remember to bring your employment contract, Swedish residence certificate and ID in the form of e.g. your passport or driver’s license.

Work in Stockholm

Stockholm is the economic center of Sweden, so if you want to get a job here, know that it can be a bit of a struggle, unless your profession is related to technology and science – these are the leading areas of the job market in Stockholm. Stockholm is also one of the cleanest cities in Europe and is considered to be a major front-runner in eco-locations and technology hubs.

How to find housing and a job in Sweden

When you plan to move abroad, it is always an advantage to do as much of the work as possible from home. The search for accommodation in particular can become a stressful factor if you are traveling without a place to stay. Today, there are many options for finding housing online. Start looking for housing on local Swedish housing sites or in local Facebook groups and ask in your own network if there should be any contacts .

The job search can be carried out from home in the same way. Contact an international recruitment agency, which often has contacts with a number of companies in the country you want to move to . At Job Squad, we match you with companies in the countries you want to work in – you can read more about previous experiences here .

Tax in Sweden

As an EU citizen, you can get a Swedish identity card by going to the Swedish Tax Agency ( Skatteverket ) with your passport, social security number and the money transfer receipt. In terms of tax rates, most people in Sweden only pay local tax – varying between 29.08 and 35.15 percent depending on the municipality you live in.

Therefore, you should live and find a job in Sweden as an expat

If you choose to settle down and work in Sweden, you can experience a different culture, enjoy beautiful nature and eat delicious food. At the same time, you get to work in and experience big city life, and as a Danish speaker you can learn the Swedish language relatively easily. Swedish companies generally offer attractive terms and in many cases have experience of hiring from Nordic countries . The Swedes value work-life balance, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy leisure activities such as fika (coffee break) or take part in outdoor adventures such as skiing, hiking or berry picking in the summer.

Populære byer i Sverige

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Life in Sweden

Sweden is known for its beautiful nature, from archipelagos to forests and lakes. Live the Swedish concept of “allemansrätten” (freedom to roam) so you can freely explore and enjoy nature.

The Swedes have a deep understanding of design and sustainability. From modern furniture to stylish fashion, the Swedish aesthetic is present everywhere. Sweden has also given the world IKEA and H&M, two globally recognized brands. The country has a high standard of living and is known for its social welfare system that offers free education and healthcare.

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Basic knowledge of Sweden

There is plenty of space in Sweden, as the country’s 10.4 million inhabitants are spread over 407,000 square kilometers. The impressive size makes Sweden the third largest country in the EU, and the low population density is naturally due to the huge, uninhabited forest areas. Most Swedes live in urban areas in the southern part of the country. Sweden borders Norway and Finland and is connected to Denmark via the Øresund connection. The biggest cities besides the capital Stockholm are Gothenburg and Malmö.

There is a great deal of exchange between Denmark and Sweden – not only culturally, but also in terms of work. Copenhagen is rich in Swedish labor, just as many Danes work in, for example, Malmö and other cities that can be reached in a short time via the Øresund Bridge

Swedish culture 

The Swedes can seem a little reserved, as they often behave politely, but a little more cautious and distant in public. However, Swedish society and the Swedish welfare model are broadly similar to the Danish and Norwegian ones, and you will therefore experience relatively small differences rather than big surprises.

The Swedes are also known for their fantastic grasp of music, perhaps best exemplified by ABBA, Avicii and Zara Larsson. Sweden also has a proud tradition of Nordic, minimalist design – and although many know the Swedish furniture tradition best as IKEA, the country contains far more than that. In Sweden, traditions are highly valued, and the midsummer celebration after a long and dark winter is one of the highlights of the year that you must not miss.

Where do you learn Swedish?

If you plan to stay in Sweden for a longer period, we recommend that you learn the language. The Swedish Institute offers free courses to learn Swedish, but you can also visit the  Learn Swedish website  where you can learn the basics, and it’s for adults. In addition, ” Swedish for immigrants ” (SFI) is a program with several free courses around the country that you can take advantage of.

Eat Swedish specialties

Swedish food is known for the infamous surströmming , which most Swedes are actually not too fond of either. Sweden’s long coastline ensures that they are supplied with plenty of fish and shellfish , and the potato is also an important ingredient in Swedish dishes. Popular dishes include e.g. marinated and fried herring, meatballs and stews with boiled potatoes as a side dish. When the crayfish season begins in August, the Swedes prepare for crayfish feasts, which both involve party hats, schnapps and old shows. They also have the famous kanelbullar (cinnamon snails) and generally really delicious baked goods.

Still not convinced about Sweden?

Living in Sweden means experiencing the magic of long summer days and snowy winters. This means taking part in the midsummer celebrations, experiencing the northern lights and enjoying the Christmas markets.

Sweden offers a wide range of experiences and sights. Start with Stockholm , the capital, known for its fantastic architecture, historic Old Town (Gamla Stan) and beautiful viaducts. Visit the Vasa Museum, where you can see the well-preserved Vasa warship from the 17th century. Explore Gothenburg , the country’s second largest city, with its charming canals, vibrant food scene and Liseberg amusement park. Head north to Lapland for a chance to experience the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and experience unique Sami culture. Don’t miss the picturesque coastal towns and islands, such as Visby on Gotland and the Stockholm archipelago, with their scenic landscapes and charming medieval history.

When you are in Sweden, you should also try traditional Swedish dishes such as köttbullar (meatballs) served with lingonberry sauce and creamy mashed potatoes, salmon served with dill, mustard and rye bread, as well as smörgåstårta which is a unique Swedish cold meat cake made with layers of bread , fillings such as smoked salmon, prawns and vegetables and topped with mayonnaise and garnishes. And don’t forget to try the delicious Swedish cakes, including kanelbullar (cinnamon snails) and semla (a cardamom-flavored bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream), which are often enjoyed during the celebration of Fettisdagen (Morning).


No, as an EU citizen you do not need a work visa or permit to work in Sweden. EU citizens have the right to free movement within the EU, including the right to work in any EU member state without a work permit. Read more about it here .

Leveomkostningerne i Sverige kan være relativt høje sammenlignet med mange andre lande. Udgifter såsom husleje, transport og spisning kan være ret dyre, især i større byer som Stockholm og Gøteborg. Især huslejepriser har en tendens til at være høje. Men lønningerne i Sverige er også generelt højere, hvilket er med til at opveje de højere leveomkostninger. Det er vigtigt at bemærke, at leveomkostningerne kan variere afhængigt af individuelle omstændigheder, livsstilsvalg og den specifikke region i Sverige. Vi anbefaler at planlægge og budgettere i overensstemmelse med din forventede løn, når du overvejer at bo i Sverige.

Sverige har et varieret klima med tydelige sæsonbestemte ændringer. Vejret i Sverige kan beskrives som mildt til køligt i kystområderne og mere kontinentalt i de indre områder. Somrene (juni til august) er generelt milde og behagelige, med gennemsnitstemperaturer fra 20 til 25 grader. Vintrene (december til februar) er kolde, især i de nordlige dele, med temperaturer, der ofte falder til under frysepunktet og med snefald. Forår og efterår kan være uforudsigelige, med temperaturer, der varierer mellem milde og kølige.

Engelskfærdighederne er generelt høje i Sverige, hvor en stor procentdel af befolkningen taler engelsk relativt flydende. Engelsk undervises som et obligatorisk fag i skolerne fra en tidlig alder, og de fleste svenskere, især yngre generationer, er komfortable med at tale engelsk. I større byer, turistområder og blandt dem, der arbejder i turistindustrien, kan du forvente at finde et højt niveau af engelskkundskaber. Selv i mere landlige områder kan du ofte finde folk, der kan kommunikere på engelsk, selvom niveauet af flydende kan variere. Samlet set er sprogbarrierer sjældent et problem for engelsktalende besøgende i Sverige.

Sverige har et af Europas mest effektive og største netværk til transport med tog. Bortset fra det er deres bus- og metrosystem også af høj standard, og det er nemt at komme rundt.

Sverige har et anerkendt sundhedsvæsen kendt for sin høje kvalitet og tilgængelige pleje. Det svenske sundhedsvæsen er primært skattefinansieret og giver en omfattende dækning til alle beboere. Det tilbyder universel sundhedspleje, der sikrer, at alle har lige adgang til medicinske tjenester og behandlinger. Patienterne kan vælge deres sundhedsudbydere, og systemet fokuserer på forebyggende pleje og tidlig indsats. Sverige lægger stor vægt på forskning og innovation i sundhedsvæsenet, hvilket fører til fremskridt inden for medicinske teknologier og behandlinger. Sundhedssystemet i Sverige er kendetegnet ved effektiv organisation, patientcentreret pleje og et stærkt engagement i folkesundheden.

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