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Ceren Avsar Turkey

International Recruiter

Meet Ceren, the vibrant and enthusiastic recruiter who's born and raised in the lively city of Stockholm, Sweden. She currently calls Istanbul her home and with a genuine love for connecting with people and a desire to witness positive change in their lives, Ceren has found her calling in the world of recruitment.

She understands that a new job isn't just about a paycheck—it can be a transformative experience that shapes someone's life. Being a social butterfly, Ceren revels in the opportunity to interact with different individuals on a daily basis. Whether through emails, meetings, or phone calls, she cherishes the connections she makes and the personal stories she encounters. Empathy is her superpower, and she thrives on helping and listening to others.

Although it's her first time living abroad, she considers both Stockholm and Istanbul her homes. Ceren has an insatiable desire to avoid being confined to one place. She dreams of working and traveling simultaneously, breaking free from the shackles of a typical nine-to-five routine. The allure of experiencing new cultures, traditions, and cuisines beckons her. In her eyes, each new place presents a fresh canvas to paint unforgettable memories and build lasting relationships.

She loves hitting the gym to stay fit and spending quality time with her loved ones. Embracing solitude is also important to her as she utilizes it to develop herself personally and professionally. Whether it's capturing beautiful moments through photography, documenting her adventures in vlogs, or exploring her culinary skills in the kitchen, Ceren is always up for new experiences.

Ceren thrives on being pushed outside her comfort zone, and her enthusiasm is contagious. If you're looking to embark on a daring adventure and need someone to talk to, Ceren is the perfect person to provide guidance and support. Drawing from her own experiences, she emphasizes the importance of not overthinking. Focusing too much on the risks can hold you back from seizing life-changing opportunities. Instead, take that leap of faith and embrace whatever comes your way. Ceren firmly believes that daring to start anew is the key to avoiding stagnation.