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Life in Nicosia

Nicosia has a historic centre, where you can see the Nicosia Fortification Walls and the famous Ledra Street. Enjoy a leisurely walk in the charming Laiki Geitonia neighborhood, known for its traditional architecture and quaint shops, and visit the stunning Selimiye Mosque. The vibrant Old Town has bustling markets and authentic Cypriot cuisine that you will never get bored of. Also, Nicosia has a remarkable place called the Green Line, which is the border dividing the city – this provides a unique cultural experience. Nicosia has something to offer everyone, blending history, culture, and gastronomy in a captivating way.

Work in Nicosia

  • Average working hours per week: an average of 40 hours, 8 hours daily
  • Typical working day: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Number of Vacation days: 20 days / 4 weeks
  • Commute: Mostly by bike, foot, ATV, bus or taxi.

Work culture:
 Generally considered to be relaxed and informal with more of a flat hierarchy.

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You can move to Nicosia by yourself, with a friend or as a couple. There are pros and cons to all of the situations. If you consider moving abroad with any kind of friend it can be a really good idea to sit down and talk through practical and everyday stuff such as economy, bills, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking vs ordering, going out/staying in, how you deal with potentially going out without each other as well as having friends and family visiting (from near and far and extended visits). Apart from the practical arrangements, life is fun when you can share your new core memories with other people – so it is very recommendable to move abroad together. Moving with a friend can cause you to interact less with new people compared to if you move abroad by yourself. But if this is a good or a bad thing entirely depends on your personal goals and wishes as well as your personality.

Conclusion: communication is key if you and your friend decide to move abroad together

The best public transportation option in Nicosia is the bus system operated by the Nicosia Public Transport (OSEL). The buses cover various routes within the city and connect different neighborhoods, making it convenient for getting around.

The cost of using public transportation in Nicosia can vary depending on the type of ticket and distance travelled.  You can purchase single bus rides cheap, and day tickets or multiple-ride tickets for discounted fares.

In Nicosia, some affordable places to live include:

  • Agios Dometios: A residential area with affordable housing options and convenient access to amenities.
  • Pallouriotissa: An up-and-coming neighbourhood with relatively lower rent prices and good transport links.
  • Kaimakli: A residential area offering affordable apartments and houses, with proximity to the city center.
  • Ayios Andreas: A neighbourhood with affordable housing options, known for its multicultural atmosphere and local amenities.

These areas provide more affordable living options compared to some other neighbourhoods in Nicosia. However, it’s always recommended to visit and explore the areas personally to determine which one suits your needs and preferences.

Cost of household and bills

  • The average cost of rent in Nicosia can vary depending on factors such as the size, location, and type of accommodation.A one-bedroom apartment in the city center can range from €400 to €700 per month, while outside the city center, it can range from €300 to €550 per month. Prices can be higher for larger apartments or houses.
  • Regarding utilities, the average monthly cost for basic services like electricity, water, heating, and garbage collection for a small apartment can range from €100 to €150. This is an estimate and can vary depending on usage, season, and the specific provider.

There are hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The summers are long and hot, with temperatures often exceeding 30°C (86°F), while the winters are mild, with temperatures averaging around 15°C (59°F). The island receives most of its rainfall between November and March.

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Nicosia is a melting pot of diverse cultures, creating a dynamic and inclusive community. From bustling markets to art galleries, there is always something to inspire and excite. Experience the best of city living with a touch of Mediterranean charm in Nicosia, where traditions meet modernity. 

Nicosia offers a compelling lifestyle with a mix of history, culture, and modern amenities. As the capital of Cyprus, it provides excellent career opportunities, a thriving business environment, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The city boasts a rich heritage, with well-preserved historical sites, museums, and a vibrant arts scene. The local cuisine, influenced by Greek and Turkish flavors, is a delight for food enthusiasts. Nicosia’s Mediterranean climate, with long, warm summers and mild winters, allows for outdoor activities year-round. The city’s central location makes it convenient to explore the beautiful beaches and charming villages of Cyprus. With a friendly and welcoming community, Nicosia offers a high quality of life, excellent healthcare facilities, and a diverse range of educational institutions, making it an ideal place to live and thrive.

In Nicosia, there are several local food places where you can enjoy traditional Cypriot cuisine. Here are some popular options:

  • To Anamma: This traditional tavern offers a cozy atmosphere and a menu featuring authentic Cypriot dishes such as souvlaki, grilled meats, meze (a selection of small dishes), and traditional desserts.
  • Pyxida Fish Tavern: A seafood tavern known for its fresh fish and seafood dishes, Pyxida offers a wide variety of options prepared in a traditional Cypriot style.
  • Zanettos: This historic bakery and café is famous for its traditional Cypriot pastries, including loukoumades (honey balls) and flaounes (Easter cheese pastries).
  • Valtou Rigani: A small family-run restaurant, Valtou Rigani specializes in homemade Cypriot dishes, including kebabs, traditional stews, and vegetarian options.

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