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Lasse Bollerup Denmark

Founder & International Recruiter

Introducing Lasse, the charismatic globetrotter and seasoned recruiter who brings his expertise to Job Squad. Hailing from Northern Jutland, Denmark, Lasse currently calls Copenhagen his home. With seven years of experience in the recruitment field, he has honed his skills in transforming lives and knows that no two candidates are ever the same.

So, why did Lasse decide to move abroad? Well, he's quite the explorer, having lived in three different countries outside Denmark: Malta, Portugal, and Peru. His thirst for new experiences and the desire to challenge himself drew him to these vibrant locations. The story behind his first venture abroad began with a grand birthday celebration. When one of his colleagues turned 30 and threw an epic week-long party, Lasse found himself captivated. He decided to extend his stay, which ended up lasting over a year. It was a decision that forever changed his perspective and ignited his passion for immersing himself in different cultures.

For Lasse, the best thing about moving to a new place is the opportunity to experience everything anew. The thrill of trying new cuisines, adapting to different ways of life, and forging new friendships invigorates him. It's like rediscovering the world with fresh eyes and an open heart.

One of Lasse's favorite activities is saunagus, a Nordic tradition that combines saunas with aromatherapy and mindfulness. It provides him with a state of mind that brings peace and clarity. Additionally, Lasse cherishes quality time with his young son, cherishing every moment and creating lasting memories together.

Now, here's something special you should know about Lasse—he's quite the daredevil! One time, he almost broke his tailbone when he took a daring leap from a 25-meter-high bridge into the refreshing waters below. It's a testament to his adventurous spirit and fearlessness.

As we near the end, Lasse has a valuable piece of advice for those embarking on their own journey abroad. Drawing from his personal experiences, he encourages others to seize the moment. Rather than dwelling on the unknowns and potential obstacles, he urges everyone to adopt a "just do it" mentality, reminiscent of Nike's iconic slogan. Taking that first step can lead to extraordinary experiences and personal growth.