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10 practical tips when travelling abroad

Do you need a list of tips for travelling abroad, that are easy and at the same time true game changers for an enjoyable vacation. Most people nowadays really enjoy traveling on vacation as soon as they have the chance to go. But before dusting off your suitcase you need to be ready and maybe to learn some tips below even if you are an old hand.

Instead of rushing to the airport, we finally find you the most useful tips and tricks to use when you are away. However, there are great hacks for your vacation that could turn your travels into the trip of a lifetime.

Top 10 tricks for travelling abroad

Roll your clothes

Travelling abroad packing

Going on vacation is usually really exciting but when you are in front of your suitcase the stress shows up.Especially for our fashionista, don’t worry we have the perfect trick for you.

Save a lot of space by rolling your clothes instead of taking them in piles. It sounds weird but actually works like a charm and moreover rolling up your clothes is also going to make sure that your belongings have fewer creases.

Email yourself information

Tips for preparing for a vacation

Once abroad you are not feeling as safe as you can be at home and you are afraid to lose something especially important paper like your ID card, your passport, Insurance documents or even your plane tickets. It will be a total panic no?

Wait, wait before doing an early mental break down take a photo of everything you need and email it to yourself. You see nothing to worry about, you can even photocopy some of them if you really want to be sure to have them. Put the photocopies in a  light and easily transportable folder.

You are safe now, breath!

Cherish your phone

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Want to take some snap, Instagram pictures, for making everyone around you envious? Heading on vacation often means one thing.Many of us want to bring our phone with us wherever we go, but you need to be careful of everything, water, sand, and thieves. Have no fear; you only need a simple ziplock bag to make sure that your phone is kept safe. 

Your phone can be a lifesaver, we know that that is why you need to buy an external battery. This little one is small but can save you a lot of time, simply as it is.

Wrap your shoes

Save space in your luggage

Whether it is for a week of vacation or for an entire year abroad, in addition to clothing we usually like to bring more than one pair of shoes. The problem is that in the suitcase they take up space but also dirty the other clothes.

To avoid the drama use simply a shower cap and wrap your shoes with it, the trick is so simple that we wonder why we didn’t think about it earlier.

The good thing is in general when you go to a hotel they give them for free when you rent a room. Don’t hesitate to ask your friend and family, like that this little object is going to have a second life.

Use sunscreen bottles

Travel advice packing

You don’t have to act like a spy to not be noticed or else not worry we have the perfect advice for you for the beach or other event. All you need is a sunscreen bottle, it’s the perfect cover for all your precious items.

Make sure that the bottle is clean and perfectly empty and then simply put your stuff inside. Without anyone noticing all your favorite belongings are just next to you.

Belongings like your car keys, money and favorite jewelry. No need to take your wallet or safe with you at the beach anymore. 

Trouble with toiletries

The most annoying thing when you unpack after travelling abroad is to discover your shampoo all over your clothes.

Travel tips stay safe

However, you are absolutely sure that you close all your bottles and tight. How to fail your arrival when the first thing you are going to do in your new country is to clean everything!

So for shower gel, shampoo and any other liquid you can simply put a plastic bag on the shower cap, like a plastic bag or even some cellophane and then cover to hole with the plastic and then screw the lip back onto the bottle.

You have the best protection with this simple trick.

Store your cables

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Phones, laptops, external batteries all of these items have one point in common. They need to be charged and almost often. 

But when you leave your house, you need to take all of them with you! We know it can be a mess with all the cable, to avoid that you only need a sunglass case. 

Thankfully, an empty one can save your life, much more practical. Bye to the mess!

Write down the address of your hotel

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Sometimes, after a really long flight using your phone for games or Netflix, your battery could end up dead.

And you forget your external battery, what are you going to say at the taxi/uber driver? Nothing because you can’t remember the name of your hotel.

It is ridiculous but it happens to just fall asleep and forget about your battery so do not laugh.

Just write it down before leaving and it will maybe save you.  

Bring a spare bottle

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During the process of packing your suitcase before travelling abroad, just put a spare bottle in your backpack.

Everyone knows how airports are super strict about liquids. However, you can take an empty bottle! It is allowed. And after passing the security just take the water from the bathroom if it’s drinkable of course. You are going to save a lot of money and help reduce plastic. 

The same thing actually for your grocery bags, just take with you 3 tot bags, they are easily transportable and also help the planet.

So thank you! 

Invest in a multi-socket and an adapter

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One of the best travel tips is to get an adapter for multiple sockets. Between the laptop, the tablet and the computer you need a lot of sockets, and sometimes you don’t have as many sockets as you need.

No worries just take a multi-socket. It does not take up much space and is really indispensable.

This trick can also be combined with the one to always leave with an adapter like the  3-in-1 adapters which are very convenient when travelling abroad.

Last few travel tips

When travelling abroad, it’s a good idea to check with your bank if you can go abroad without any trouble. You really don’t want to get your bank card blocked when you’re abroad. One of my best travel tips is to simply buy a water, some snacks, or anything at the airport before departure, which lets the bank’s security system know that you’re heading abroad.

And also verify with your telephone operator if you can go abroad without paying any fees. 

You can find a lot of travel information and inspiration on our “Destination” page

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