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Työskentely ulkomailla välivuotena

Looking for a gap year job abroad?

Have you just finished high school and are you looking for new experiences, travelling, meeting new people and places? These desires are exactly why a lot of young people choose to look for a job abroad during their sabbatical. If this is you, you have landed on the right page. We can help you make all this happen. We’ll help you get a job in your dream destination in your native language – and don’t worry: our help is completely free.

Also, It’s a complicated feeling between excitement, anxiety and fear when you have all these options in front of you. Where to go? Is it possible during a sabbatical year? Will I feel alone if I take a gap year job abroad? Here’s a quick guide to solve those questions you might be asking yourself right now.

Check out our dedicated page for gap year abroad by clicking HERE – we will answer a lot of questions here as well.

Gap year job abroad

How to get a gap year job abroad

Here’s a step by step guide and tips on how to get a gap year job abroad, so you can travel and earn money at the same time: 

1.   Make an international CV

Even if you feel you’re not qualified to get a gap year job abroad, let me tell you that is possible and quite common. You just have to focus your CV on the things you’re good at. If you know other languages it’s sometimes a big plus – but don’t worry if you don’t. Most of our jobs only require you to speak your native language and basic English for the initial training sessions at your job.

If you have good communication skills, you’re empathetic or you’re a very analytical person who likes numbers and logic then you’re completely perfect for many types of jobs abroad. Here’s a useful guide of how to get a CV perfect for you. You can also use our free automatic CV builder where you have to answer some questions, and the CV will be made for you.

2.   Register in platforms for ”gap year job abroad”

Some platforms specialise in finding a gap year job abroad for young people but you have to make sure these platforms actually help you throughout the entire process. This is why we at Job Squad exist. We offer FREE and FULL assistance in this matter, from finding the perfect job opportunities, ideal countries, and to the relocation part. If you leave your email in our JobSquad site, we will reach out to you to have a talk about your own thoughts and dreams.

3.   Apply to the jobs you feel are a good fit

Don’t wait for that 100% perfect job, just look for one that allows you to have the experience. If you think too much about it you may lose the momentum. Apply for all of the jobs that allows you to pursue your dreams, and don’t give up on your search.

4.   Analyse your dream destination

It’s important to get basic information about the country you want to move to. For example work permit requirements and taxation, cost of living, their culture, lifestyle, climate, popular cities and even what to do. This way you increase the chances of spending an awesome time during sabbatical and also that anxious feeling gets dismissed a little more. If you choose any country in the European union you don’t have to worry about work permits, but this could change in the future.

Check out all of our popular destinations by clicking HERE. You can find a lot of information about the countries and cities.

The best countries to work in during sabbatical year (EU)

Depending on the type of experience you want, you may already have an idea of where you want to travel, so you need information about work abroad taxation, work permits and lifestyle to be completely sure. That’s why we gather that info between these different countries to narrow the alternatives in the European union.

Top 5 best destinations for jobs abroad in 2024:

Work in Spain

If you’re looking for work in Spain during your gap year, you better be ready for a lot of historical buildings, warm people, funny expressions and a lot of party nights. But even when everything sound great, to avoid a bad moment during your stay it’s good to know about this stuff:

  • Work permits: As a European Citizen you need to get a NIE, which is a foreigner identity number. You can obtain this in the Ministry of the interior by filing the form EX-15 and getting the rest of requirements, or a NIF which is the tax identity number, you can get it in the Tax Agency
  • Taxation: The majority of taxes around the world works in taxation periods as the normal year, so you must spend more than 6 months during the year to be eligible to pay ISR or income tax. However, the company where you will be hired will guide through this process.
  • Lifestyle: Depending on the city, there are different lifestyles in Spain. In the main cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Malaga the people are very enthusiastic about partying and having fun at times. With so many places to chill and relax with friends, it’s a country where you have to make a good balance between work and recreational activities or you may lose your way. The food in Spain is amazing and you will enjoy all their seafood, paella, sangria, tapas, and so much more. So if you like this type of food, Spain is your destination.

Työskentely Saksassa

Getting a job in Germany is a popular request and here’s some more information:

  • Työluvat: Jos aiot viipyä Saksassa yli 3 kuukautta, sinun on kuitenkin rekisteröidyttävä oleskelusi paikallisessa oleskelulupaviranomaisessa (Einwohnermeldeamt) tai maahanmuuttovirastossa (Ausländerbehörde).
  • Verotus: Ensinnäkin sinun on työskenneltävä Saksassa yli kuusi kuukautta ollaksesi oikeutettu verotukseen, kun otetaan huomioon, että Saksassa verovuosi on kalenterivuosi, joten jos esimerkiksi aloitat työskentelyn Saksassa lokakuussa, sinun ei tarvitse huolehtia kyseisen vuoden verotuksesta ennen seuraavan vuoden heinäkuuta. Jos aiot viipyä pidempään, suosittelemme etsimään lisätietoa.
  • Lifestyle: Germany is a multicultural country, you will find people from many countries there, esspecially in Berlin. This means it’s a world of possibilities. However, lifestyle is focused on “work before party”, so you may find more opportunities for a night out at weekends (but this is not so different from the rest right?). Public transport work until 12 at night in weekdays, so going out at night start to be difficult from this part. Regarding food, you’ll find a lot of winnies or sausage of many types. And these are accompanied by fries in every representation imaginable. But since it’s a multicultural country you will also find restaurants with different styles of food like Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and more.

Työ Norjassa

Norwegians have a good work-life balace, so they have a work shift of about 37 hours a week tops because they believe you will be more productive this way. This way you will be able to have time to explore the country but also work without problems. Some other cool info about this is that lunch time is included in work shifts, and the workplaces don’t have “bossy attitudes” (in most cases) nor strict hierarchy.

  • Work permits: As a European citizen you don’t need a work permit but you do need to register in the police within three months and also get your Norwegian identification number and tax card 
  • Verotus: On noin 22 prosenttia tuloista riippuen.
  • Lifestyle: People in Norway are not exactly the party all days types, but they like to party on weekends. Oslo is the city with more activity of this type. They also like to explore places during free time. Regarding food depending on the city you may find different things,it’s based on the raw materials founded in the wilderness, mountains and coast, but it’s quite common boiled potatoes and specially sea food, the flavors are subtle but totally delicious.

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