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Emmie Elvira Tegner Greece

Senior Recruiter

Introducing Emmie, a dynamic member of the Job Squad team who brings a sense of adventure and resilience to her role as a recruiter. Emmie comes from Denmark, and she has lived in Athens and currently resides in beautiful Bali. Although she didn't speak Greek, her decision to move to Athens turned out to be one of the best surprises of her life, and it inspired her to take the leap and explore life in Bali.

Emmie has been working with Job Squad since 2022, channeling her passion for travel and living abroad into helping others navigate their own relocation journeys. Her inspiration for becoming a recruiter came from meeting an inspiring individual in Madrid. Witnessing his selfless acts of helping others find their way, providing them with shelter and guidance, ignited a desire within Emmie to do the same. Drawn to Job Squad's values, she found it the perfect platform to assist people in moving abroad and ensure they have the best possible experience.

The decision to move abroad had been on Emmie's mind since high school, but it wasn't until she faced a wake-up call in the summer of 2021 that she realised the importance of taking action. Shortly after starting her job at a Danish law office, she received the devastating news of a knot that raised concerns of cancer. Suddenly thrust into the world of medical tests and uncertainty, she spent six months awaiting results. Thankfully, the knot turned out to be benign. During this time of reflection, Emmie recognised the fragility of life and decided to turn her long-standing thoughts into reality.

She packed up her life in Copenhagen and became an au pair in Madrid for a few months. From there, her journey led her to Athens. Since then, Emmie has thrived in the city, cherishing every moment and smiling through each day. For Emmie, the best thing about moving to a new place is the fresh start it offers. It provides an opportunity to redefine oneself or showcase the best version of who they already are. Additionally, the richness of experiencing different cultures and exploring new places broadens horizons and deepens self-understanding. Emmie encourages everyone to pack their bags, step into the unknown, and expand their horizons.

Emmie loves exploring and trying out new things, so anywhere she goes, she brings a big back of positivity and a strong can-do attitude. Whenever music plays, she can't resist moving to the rhythm. Spending time with friends and family, travelling, and engaging in sports complete the perfect combination of activities that bring her joy.

Partly due to her background in working at a casino in Denmark, Emmie enjoys playing games and she has gained excellent skills in poker and blackjack. She recommends everyone in Athens to go to the coolest casino on a mountain, accessed by a scenic "ski lift" ride. Furthermore, Emmie enjoys being hostess and preparing dinners, setting a fancy table, and playing music to set the mood. Her friends hold a special place in her heart, and spending quality time with them is her favorite thing in the world.

When it comes to advice for those moving abroad, Emmie's message is simple: relax, take it easy, and enjoy the journey. Embrace your surroundings and trust that everything will fall into place at the right time. Each step and decision you make will lead you to where you're meant to be.