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Camilla L. Dreyer Thailand

International Recruiter

Introducing Camilla, a vibrant member of the Job Squad team who brings a sense of adventure and a genuine desire to help others find their best selves. Originally from Denmark, Camilla now calls Thailand her home, embracing the beauty and warmth of this tropical paradise. She has been working with Job Squad since June 2022.

When asked about her favorite aspect of being a recruiter, Camilla's eyes light up with enthusiasm. She appreciates how being a recruiter allows her to tap into her creative side, particularly through social media. It also fuels her curiosity about business, people, and travel. However, what truly sets being a recruiter apart for Camilla is the opportunity to empower individuals to discover their true potential.

Camilla's decision to move abroad stems from her lifelong dream of exploring the world and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. As a humble and skeptical Dane, she initially had reservations about leaving her country. At 23 years old, she found herself at a crossroads, feeling financially strained and trapped in an unhealthy relationship. Just as she was about to give up on her dream, fate intervened. In April 2018, she stumbled upon an opportunity on Facebook to work as a Danish-speaking Online Game Presenter. With the guidance of her recruiter, Linda, Camilla mustered the courage to embrace the unknown. Despite the emotional challenges of leaving behind her job and loved ones, she chose to prioritize her dream and embark on a life-changing adventure.

Living in Thailand has contributed to a period of tremendous personal growth for Camilla. From finding her own apartment to making decisions she never thought possible, she has blossomed in ways she could never have imagined. The fresh start, surrounded by loving and inspiring people, has provided her with invaluable experiences and a newfound sense of empathy and understanding. Reflecting on her time, Camilla fondly recalls being chosen to participate in a business trip to Copenhagen and Riga with her bosses and project leader—a truly memorable opportunity. Yet, it is the small, heartwarming moments that truly resonate with her, such as gazing at the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea from her seventh-floor apartment or experiencing Malta's vibrant fiestas with awe-inspiring fireworks. These are the moments that fill her heart with pure joy and remind her of the incredible life she has created.

Moving to a new place brings with it a myriad of delights for Camilla. From the swaying palm trees and tantalizing food to the warm and welcoming people, she finds solace and joy in the beauty of her surroundings. As a self-professed sun and vitamin D addict, basking in the tropical sunshine holds a special place in her heart.

When Camilla isn't busy assisting others in their international relocation journeys, she prioritizes self-care and personal growth. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset, she engages in activities that nourish her soul. Painting, seeking inspiration for content creation and video editing, meditation, morning swims, cooking (a newfound skill), and reading all contribute to her well-being. Of course, she also enjoys indulging in shopping sprees, taking long walks while engaging in meaningful conversations, and spending quality time with friends.

There is something uniquely special about Camilla—she counts to five in a peculiar way, showcasing her individuality and quirkiness. In her circle of friends in Denmark, she stands out as the only one who ventured abroad and created a vibrant and fulfilling new world for herself.

When asked to offer advice to those embarking on their own international relocation journeys, Camilla emphasizes the importance of staying calm and true to oneself.