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Anniina Yilmaz Turkey

Senior Recruiter

Meet Anniina, the amazing recruiter at Job Squad who brings a touch of Finnish charm to the team. Originally from the beautiful city of Turku, Finland, Anniina now resides in the vibrant coastal town of Alanya, Turkey. She embarked on her journey as a recruiter in June 2021 and has been making a significant impact ever since.

When asked about her favorite aspect of being a recruiter, Anniina's eyes light up with enthusiasm. "I absolutely love helping candidates," she exclaims. "No matter what I do, I always find joy in assisting people. The incredible feedback we receive from candidates who appreciate our support makes me feel like I'm doing something truly important. It's a great feeling to excel at what you do!"

Back in the summer of 2013, she ventured to Turkey with the intention of gaining valuable work experience as a bartender. Little did she know that her temporary plan would evolve into a lifelong journey. Enamored by the culture and people, Anniina decided to make Turkey her home. Over the years, she has worked remotely as a freelancer interviewer and customer acquirer, further enriching her international experience.

Anniina is excited about moving abroad because: "It's like a fresh start! You get to immerse yourself in a new culture, meet new people, learn new languages, and experience unique festivals, celebrations, and special days. It also makes you appreciate the organized systems back home. For example, in Finland, most of your paperwork can be done online with your banking credentials. In Turkey, it's a different story; you need papers from various departments, stamps from different places, and even then, you might not have everything you need. But if you approach it as a fun challenge and seek help when needed, you can overcome any obstacle."

When Anniina is not busy assisting others in their journeys abroad, she cherishes quality time with her family. Whether it's visiting relatives, enjoying parks and beaches, or embarking on mini-holidays to nearby cities, she delights in creating lasting memories and experiences for her two kids. Describing herself as shy, Anniina admits to feeling a bit reserved in large groups. However, once in the comfort of a smaller gathering, she becomes an unstoppable conversationalist.

Anniina's most valuable piece of advice for anyone contemplating a move abroad. Her response is simple yet profound: "Enjoy your time! Things won't be the same as they were in your home country, but give everything a chance, and eventually, everything will fall into place."

With Anniina's unwavering dedication to helping others, her zest for new experiences, and her genuine warmth, she is an invaluable asset to the Job Squad team.