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Alexandra Lindqvist Spain

International Recruiter

Meet Alexandra, a passionate recruiter at Job Squad who is dedicated to helping people make their dreams of working and living abroad come true. Originally from Finland, Alexandra currently resides in Turku, Finland. She has been with Job Squad since April 2021, accumulating a total of 1 year and 7 months of experience in recruitment.

When asked about her favorite aspect of being a recruiter, Alexandra enthusiastically shares her joy in witnessing people take the leap and pursue their aspirations. Many individuals dream of working and living abroad but often find the prospect daunting. At Job Squad, Alexandra and her team make this journey easier by providing unwavering support to candidates. She finds it immensely fulfilling when she receives messages from her candidates expressing gratitude and excitement about their new jobs and living environments. Additionally, being a recruiter allows Alexandra to indulge in her passions, such as traveling while working and connecting with people from all corners of the globe. This role has enriched her life and provided invaluable lessons along the way.

Alexandra's own adventures have taken her to numerous countries, a testament to her love for travel and exploration. As a child, she resided in Norway with her mother, who worked there as a nurse. Since then, she has embarked on countless trips each year and has spent considerable time living in places like Bali, Indonesia, and Greece. She even had the opportunity to work on a cruise ship, where the ship itself became her home. Currently studying to become a registered nurse in Turku, Alexandra's immediate focus is on her studies. However, once she graduates in two years' time, she plans to purchase a one-way ticket to a tropical destination, fulfilling her dream of living in a palm tree-filled country. In the meantime, she continues to balance work, travel, and studying, with upcoming trips to London in December and a month-long stay in Mexico in January.

For Alexandra, the best part of moving to a new place is the sense of independence and self-discovery it brings. It's a chance to meet people from different backgrounds, broaden perspectives, and realize the vastness of the world and its endless wonders. Through these experiences, she has learned not only from others but also about herself. She cherishes the new memories and adventures that will undoubtedly become treasured stories to share in the future. Alexandra encourages others not to let their dreams remain just dreams, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities while they are available.

Outside of her work assisting others in their relocation journeys, Alexandra is a dynamic individual who is constantly on the move. She enjoys staying active by working out at the gym, practicing yoga, and visiting friends and family in various cities and countries. Even on her days off, she finds it challenging to sit still, often taking on additional work shifts on the cruise ship. However, she acknowledges the need to find a balance and learn to relax, even if it means spending a day in bed. Alexandra also appreciates the occasional indulgence of wine and nights out with friends, because who doesn't?

In getting to know Alexandra on a more personal level, one interesting aspect about her is her ability to remain calm and never get angry. As a Libra, she seeks harmony and avoids being caught in unnecessary drama. However, when it comes to sweets, Alexandra admits her weakness. Once she takes a bite of candy, she finds it difficult to resist and often ends up devouring the entire package. It's an all-or-nothing situation for her.

When asked if there's anything else worth sharing, Alexandra jokingly mentions that her friends and family often inquire about her settling down, finding a husband, and starting a family. She responds with a playful "naahh," indicating her current focus on personal growth and exploration.