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How to be safe while travelling alone

Wondering How To Stay Safe When Travelling Abroad? Check Out These 5 Safety Tips

Traveling to some of the world’s most beautiful locations should fill you with excitement and utter joy. However, it’s also normal to feel a little nervous and anxious about the potential dangers out there. From pickpockets, to potential accidents, misplacing your passport, becoming involved in a car accident – click here for more information on no fault benefits and how it can influence your personal injury case – as well as missing flights, getting lost and having your money stolen. It’s no wonder many travellers have second thoughts before they head abroad!

But don’t worry, as long as you’re sensible, take out good travel and health insurance and follow these simple safety tips, you should be able to enjoy your travels without a hitch.

Take a self defence class

Being attacked or having to get yourself out of a dangerous situation is a rarity. However, it’s all about confidence. And if you feel confident that you can take on a potential attacker and get away safely, then any self-defence class will be worth it. Confidence is key. Of course you’re not going to go looking for trouble, but if you come up against a mugger or a pickpocket then you’re more likely to be able to defend yourself. Speaking of pickpockets…

Sew some extra pockets into your clothes

Money belts are a good idea when you’re travelling, but they are just that – money belts. Your money and wealth is on show and it could be all it takes for a potential mugger to try their luck. You can hide money in inside pockets or somewhere else on your person, but you’d be amazed at how clever and determined many thieves can be. Instead, sew some extra pockets into the inside of your clothing so you can carry your money and other important items without worrying too much about having them stolen.

Take a first aid kit

Any experienced traveller will tell you that packing a first aid kit is a necessity. It’s always best to be prepared when you’re travelling and you’re potentially thousands of miles away from home. You can buy a ready-made travellers first aid kit, or you can put one together yourself.

Pack a doorstop

You want to feel safe in your accommodation and you most likely will be. But many travellers – particularly solo female travellers invest in an inexpensive door stop when they head abroad. Simply placing the door stop under your door will keep it in place. Even if someone has stolen your room key, or somehow gained access.

Separate and divide your cash

Having cash in multiple places is crucial when you’re travelling. Otherwise everything could get stolen at once! You can keep some in your secret pockets, some in the bottom of your rucksack (protected from moisture), and some sewn into other places that are out of sight. If you’re heading out for the day, only bring with you what you might need.