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Candidate’s story: Trine from Denmark, living in Malta

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I found this job only because I was looking for full-time jobs and my friend asked me why I didn’t look for a job abroad like we both had done about 6 months prior to that. So I did, and I found this customer support job in Malta. I was hooked up by Linda who my friend and I had had short contact with beforehand.

Linda set me up for my first interview. I was told that I would get their response about 2 days later but it was already the same day, a few hours later, Linda called me to let me know that they would like to have me for a second interview which I didn’t even expect would happen so fast! But I said yes to the interview and about one month later I landed in Malta, ready for my new job!

My first day was interesting! A lot of new people to meet and a lot of new information and procedures to learn already there!

I really felt welcome already when I stepped inside the building. I’m walking to work every day now after I moved since it’s only a 25 minutes walk and I absolutely love it!

My first day in Malta was 4 days before I had my first day at work. I lived at this Airbnb with 8 amazing other people who I’m still in contact with! We went hiking to St. Peters pool on my very first day and it was actually so amazing, I felt so welcome in the place and with the people.

I’m so happy I moved! I love seeing new places and traveling the world and have done so too a lot. The biggest challenge was to get everything together BEFORE I moved to Malta.

I was moving from Copenhagen back to my home city/my parents around 1,5 weeks before I was flying to Malta so I had a lot of stuff to take care of and I was having many sleepless nights!

Advice: Before flying to Malta, do some research on potential places you’d like to move to. Get in contact with people who rent rooms or apartments already before you leave your country, maybe set up a meeting with them so you can see the place when you arrive. If you need to take the bus a lot, get a Tallinja card pretty much the same day or the day after you arrive. It will come in handy. Bring warm clothes during winter time. Humidity and cold weathers do not go hand in hand. It can be pretty cold.

Biggest learning experience: Be thankful and smile to the people around you. It’ll also really come in handy. Be open-minded and curious.