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Candidate’s story: Tony from Norway, living in Malta

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In 2018 I had a steady full-time job as a cashier in the city of Tromsø in Norway. It was a simple life, but I had few possibilities for future employment and plans. By the summer of 2018, I had decided to go on a bartender course in Greece. I had the lust for adventure but did not dare to go somewhere permanent, so 1 month in Greece was perfect.

I then wanted to try being a bartender. Quickly realizing getting a bartender job abroad with a good enough salary, was very challenging. Then one day, my sister sent me a link “get a job abroad”. It looked good enough, good salary, free flight tickets, and accommodation for a while, which was key, since I didn’t have much money saved up for the move.

I applied, and the next day I was contacted by JobSquad. They were very helpful during the whole process, which to me was a bit crazy, but they made it so easy and smooth, covering everything so I didn’t have to worry about almost anything.

I was told what needed to be done, and in a very short time I had the job offer, and there was not a doubt in my mind that this was what I wanted to do now, this was my next chapter.

I arrived in Malta late at night, close to midnight. Picked up at the airport by a cab (also provided by the company), and was driven to the apartment I was going to stay in for the first 2 weeks. It was empty when I arrived, but I knew I would have roommates. They came back soon after I unpacked and they had bought drinks and snacks for the night.

A very nice welcome in my opinion. The other first few days were full of exploration, getting to know the Island and where we lived, and of course, having a few late nights with all the new friends. Malta is good for that!

I am so happy that I took the leap and moved to Malta. It has always been a dream to work and live abroad, but too scared to actually do, until now.

There have been many challenges. But not one of them has been so hard that I regret moving.

I guess the biggest challenge is settling in, you know. Getting a place to live, getting all the things you want to call it your home, getting to know work and how everything is done in a new environment and the thing I hate the most, financial decisions and taking care of your spending so you do not end up with too little for the important things like rent and so on.