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Candidate’s story: Ted from Sweden, living in Athens

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I guess I left my country to get some well-worth experiences and a chance to mature a bit on my own. Generally, living in Stockholm can be pretty expensive, so I grabbed the opportunity to move to Athens as soon as it was presented to me. I saw it as a chance to try my wings so to speak, live on my own, meet new people, and get a chance to grow on my own and think about what I really want to do in life.

Moving so abruptly felt kind of stressful to me, the first few days in the hotel you didn’t really know what to expect. A bit of exploring the area surrounding you but mostly lying around in bed waiting for the training to begin. Once you show up at training and meet the other trainees you immediately relax a little and feel as if for a moment you are all in the same boat.

I am very happy I grabbed the opportunity, there is nothing about the move that I regret. The only piece of advice I want to stress to others looking to move abroad is: Do not put all of your trust in the real estate agencies, they have lots of people to offer apartments to. And what you are offered one day may be taken the next. What I mean is while you are in contact with the real estate agencies, do yourself the favor to get a plan A, B, and C from alternative websites that also offer apartments, (most often you will end up with a local as the landlord.) This is what I did, and had I not been looking for apartments on third-party websites I would probably not have found anything affordable through the real estate agencies. Keep this in mind if your budget is low.