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Candidate’s story: Steffen from Sweden, living in Athens

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So about 2-3 weeks I ago I was just surfing on social media and randomly saw a new group called, Danish jobs abroad. quickly got in contact with Lasse and been a quick and wild road from there. I applied to the group Thursday and I got in contact with the company on Friday, I flew out the next Thursday and started my training Friday. Now I live in Greece, I am at the top of my training class and looking forward to a big career. So to shorten it a bit, I took a big risk and haven’t looked back since.

My first day was kinda unreal just because it was so fast and how just a week ago I was going to High School back in Denmark, and now I was here about to start my 40 hours a week everyday life. before I was surrounded by 16-19 years old with no idea what to do with life. Now I’m among the youngest in the company and I work with people who are professional and goal orienteered. We got introduced and a lot of information, I met my new classmates a bit of a weird combination but it works. My most memorable from that day is after class we went to get Slovakia (the most common food in Athen) and local beer.

Never been happier about I choices I have made in my life. My biggest advice is just to do it, you’re young and wanna experience the world jump in the boat and travel, experience the culture, and how much you grow as a person in just a few months.