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Candidate’s story: Rebekka from Denmark, living in Athens

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Where are you from and where did you move to:

I’m from Vejle Denmark, and I moved to Athens near Attiki 

What made you move Abroad:

I made the decision because I love to live abroad and experience new cultures.

What is your most memorable moment:

It is definitely all the times me and my friends down here go out for a drink, or those summer nights with bonfire parties and drinks on the beach during the day.

One time my girlfriend and I met some Spanish guys when we were having wine in the center, and we just ended up talking all night!

What has been the biggest challenge:

Working and not being able to enjoy the sun all the time haha. But you gotta work to earn money and then all the fun can begin. 

What was your favorite spot or favorite thing to do

SNOB – is a cocktail bar in Athens, amaaazing place! 

Bolivar Beach!! 

Vouliagmeni Lake!! 

El habanero (the greatest snus and the only place they sell snus in Athens) 

Any tips for people moving abroad or people moving to the same location:

  • Make sure to start looking for an apartment before you arrive in Athens.
  • Don’t order Wolt all the time even though it’s “cheap”. 
  • Make sure to adapt quickly to the cultural difference between Denmark and Greece. You are paid less, so when things seem cheap, don’t underestimate the prices down here. just be careful not to use your money all at once! 

Anything else you want to share: 

People are amazing here, and everyone is open to new friendships, so stay positive ☺️☺️