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Candidate’s story: Mike from Denmark, living in Dublin

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The reason I moved to Ireland was the feeling to see the world while getting to know the local people. The reason I choose the place I did was because it has a great working environment, a lot of bonuses, a good salary and the canteen is the best, plus I always wanted to see Ireland and taste Guinness right from the brewery.

I work at DXC Technology as a customer support agent for DSB, which is a great job.

I started this trip alone and inexperienced but after the first few days there were already a lot of people to talk to, people over here are super friendly, they have a saying instead of hello it’s ” how are ya” You can’t be anything but happy every time you hear that. I learned from the trip over here nothing is impossible, the only boundaries you have is the ones u give yourself, you get the chance to expand your mindset, meet new nationalities, and talk to strangers who treat you like a friend even though you just met.

The summer over here was so warm you only needed shorts and a T-shirt, it was the hottest summer they ever had in Ireland if you ask the locals, I and a friend decided to live in a tent for 2 months because we wanted to get the full experience of what its like to be here, and are we glad to have done it. The camp as we called Tent Avenue was close to the river so every morning we made a campfire, took a skinny dip in the river, and ate the toast and sausage we made over the fire right before we could take the train to work, and the best part for last, they had a training facility where we could take a shower before going upstairs, then we would not smell like a bonfire.

The biggest challenge over here was to pick the right kind of tea, Ireland only has two big brands but that means there are also two kinds of people, I’m not a tea drinker myself but apparently it’s a big deal over here. The best tipi has to people who move over here for jobs is that, relax, be yourself, and enjoy the weather, Ireland is such a good place also if you are confused about what you wanna do, where you wanna live, taxes, there are people everywhere who wanna help you get the most out of the time you are here.

I’m happy I did this, it was a big step, a big chance! But the confusion, in the beginning, is nothing compared to the gain in the end!