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Candidate’s story: Julie from Denmark, living in Malta


I moved from Denmark to Malta, because I would try something different and not something you “can do” in Denmark.

I chose Malta because I saw it on Facebook and thought that was something I’d never could do, but then I got the message that they would love to see me and talk to me and a new chapter for someone like me began. I moved to Malta all by myself, because I needed to do something on my own and get my own experience.

I was 19 when I left Denmark and was living in Malta! I was in Malta for about 2 months only!! I know too little, but in these 2 months I learned so much about culture, and how to take care of myself, but most of all I learned so much about myself… I learned that I could do so much more than I thought! And the people in Malta, urgh, god, they are so sweet and everyone is taking care of each other, so I think it’s the people. You have friends for life.. my adventure ended way too early, and I would do so much to come back, working with cards again, with people, the place, everything.. my biggest challenge was actually before I moved…

I’m a family type of person, so the days before (3) I was scared, I was nervous, and thought that the world would stop when I left Denmark, but I discovered that the world didn’t stop… I could travel home fast and I could talk to my family every day! I miss Malta and that was the best decision I’ve ever made for me !!

So yes be nervous and maybe scared, but you’re not gonna regret it !!