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Candidate’s story: Janni from Denmark, living in Dublin

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I moved to see some more of the world and get experiences about a different culture and job opportunities.

My trip has been fantastic, been in Malta for 5 months and now I am in Thailand. Have plans to stay here for 9-10 months I was 21 when I started my trip, I turned 22 while I was in Malta, and now I have to hold my 23-year birthday here in Thailand. YAAAY 🙂

I just had a period at home to see the family and my friends but could feel that I would quickly leave again. I have travelled alone, but I made new friends all the time, my English was okay, it has improved a lot after my first trip and I have done really well.

Don’t be afraid to travel abroad. You’ll get so much out of it and you will grow with the task and every step you take on your way.

Everything is different, but that’s what makes it something special!

The people are really nice and friendly, if you ask anyone for help they will surely assist you. Just make sure you have some money saved up since living here is quite costly, but it is an amazing experience nevertheless.