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Candidate’s story: Imad from France, living in Amsterdam

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So I am 24 and I came to Amsterdam alone for the love of the city and every opportunity this city can give to us. It is beautiful and the people here are so sweet and helpful!

For someone who wants to work in communication and design, you’re in the best place ever, so many different jobs and the one I ended up in gives me so many different opportunities for my future. -I am very happy that I did it!

If you want to come here be sure to save money because when you started to live here you have a lot of stuff to pay for, that you do not think about beforehand, such as a deposit for an apartment, a new transport card, and all the things you just normally have in household, that you need to buy again.

But don’t let that scare you! -Do it, if you want to take a chance on yourself!