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Candidate’s story: Fred from Sweden, living in Dublin

Well, it all started with me establishing contact through my brother’s roommate. Firstly I didn’t look for a job abroad but when I got the offer I felt excited about a fresh start so I just went for it. I expected meeting like-minded new friends and to explore a new country with them turning the weekends.

I arrived one day before I was supposed to start working, I don’t recommend it because it didn’t give me time to settle in. But my first day at work was great, I met a lot of new kind people with the same hobbies and humour. After work, I went out for a pint at the local pub with the other people who also just have had their first day. My first Friday was the most memorable, we explored the nightlife and I could nonetheless say that I wasn’t disappointed. We had a great night and I met a lot of new local friends.

I’m happy that I’ve moved, for me it felt like the right thing to do. I love meeting and making new friends so the move was a great thing for me. I would say my biggest challenge so far was when I got the job offer and I had to mentally prepare myself for the trip. Everything went too fast for me. Luckily I got a lot of support from my contacts at Job Squad and the company I’m working for. If I could give any advice it is to give yourself an extra week to prepare yourself for the trip.