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Candidate’s story: Emma from Finland, living in Cyprus

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I graduated last August from the university with a master’s degree having studied languages (mainly Swedish) and communication. I enjoyed my time studying for six years and never did an exchange abroad, which had kind of been bugging me for a while, on top of an existential crisis I was having 😀

So I was curious about some international games and careers and applied for a Facebook group for Finns who are looking for a job abroad. Wasn’t sure what I was expecting to be honest, before entering the group. Working abroad to me sounded like an adventure, meeting new people and getting to know different cultures and languages. Humanist through and through, right? The recruiter that I was in contact with did her best throughout the whole process to get me hired somewhere, which was something that I hadn’t got experienced while applying for a job in Finland. I felt like a professional whose expertise is valued, which was awesome.

I arrived here only a couple of days before my work started and I was so excited! I remember walking to work, reading through my contract, and meeting a bunch of new people: from different departments, from my training group, my trainers, and so forth. Everybody was very welcoming and nice, I felt the international vibe and atmosphere right away.

At the moment I couldn’t be happier that I moved here. After living here for under three weeks I already feel like home. Sure, the climate and a bunch of other things are quite different to what I’m used to. The biggest challenge so far has maybe been the heat and how to deal with that in various situations. But that is one of the things that makes this so exciting. I’m comfortable at work, finding my way around the city little by little, and meeting new people is the best. If you are considering moving to a Mediterranean country, my advice is: do it. Do your research, but don’t hesitate, because you could get so much out of it. And if you end up having a miserable time (which I seriously doubt), you can always go back.

So far I’ve learned a lot about myself and other people, which is so rewarding. My biggest experiences, I think, are still ahead of me here!