Candidate’s story: Isak from Norway, living in Copenhagen, Denmark

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I and my girlfriend decided we wanted to move to Copenhagen, she got into school and so I had to look for a job.

My expectations in terms of getting a job were good/high. My expectations of the rank of the job were low, meaning I did not really care what kind of job it was. I wasn’t picky.

My first day was actually the ”Julefrokost” Christmas party. So that was exciting, weird, funny, awkward but it was good. I got to meet all my coworkers in a very relaxed and nice setting so it was great. My first work day was very good, I was eased into it.

I’m very happy that I moved. My biggest challenge I would say is the Danish language. I’m very good at adapting and not getting stressed so I’m good at dealing with pressure and challenges but the Danish language is very tricky due to how they say their words.

I have learning experiences every single day, but I think my biggest would be when I was thrown into the fire(work) because of coworkers being sick. I learn by doing so it was good.