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Candidate’s story: Clémence from France, living in Amsterdam

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My studies didn’t allow me to have experience abroad. So I chose to go abroad on my own to improve my English, enrich my professional experiences, meet new people, and discover a new culture. I work in Amsterdam, at Concentrix, in customer service for Nike. I found the job online, via Job Squad and spoke to Marine, she was French and helped me with all my questions.

My first day of work went very well. Many of us started on the same day and we had a month’s training. I found that we were very well supported. The atmosphere at Concentrix is really cool!

For those who are thinking about taking a job abroad, don’t hesitate anymore, you have to go for it! I think you have to experience this at least once in your life. You’ll come out of it with lots of wonderful memories and new encounters!
And a little advice for those who want to go to Amsterdam, for accommodation, you have to do it really in advance, it’s quite complicated to find accommodation here. For the BSN, I advise you to make an appointment at the city hall as soon as possible so that you can get it as soon as you arrive in Amsterdam. Personally, I did everything at the last moment so it’s feasible but your arrival in Amsterdam will be much more serene if you organize yourself a little bit better.