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Candidate’s story: Camilla from Denmark, living in Malta

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My dream has always been to go out and see the world. To interact with people from all over, to feel independent and free. The thing is, as a humble skeptical Danish, I also had the feeling of not leaving my country.

I was turning to old I thought. Many of my friends were either pregnant or starting their dream education. I was not prepared for that. At all! At the age of 23, I didn’t have much money. I did not have any savings from my parents, and my everyday life has always needed me to support my self. I was in an unhealthy relationship that made me doubt myself. In short, I was about to give up on my dream and myself for unacceptable reasons when this opportunity appeared on my Facebook.

April 2018, I was offered a job, as a Danish speaking Online Gamepresenter. Linda, my recruiter, helped me through the stages and arranged it all together with me. And when I look back, I feel I haven’t thanked her enough. It was hard thinking about me leaving the job I’ve had for almost 4 years. The friends but especially my sister, brother and my best friend who was pregnant. Again they told me not to think about them but realize my dream no matter how far away I would be.

I’ve learned so much for these 9 months I’ve been here now! Finding my own apartment, making decisions I’ve never thought I would be able to take part in, and has grown.

A fresh start with loving people that has their own mind-blowing story, the empathy and understanding you’re filled up with.

The best working memory must have been when I was chosen pretty quickly to be a part of a business trip to Copenhagen and Riga with my bosses and project leader. So cool! And the best memory in general? Hmm. That’s a difficult one… looking out from my first apartment on 7th floor. The sunrise over the Mediterranean sea. The sound of the waves… Me not ever wanting to leave this feeling. Or the many tans from spending whole days at the cliffs? Going out with new friends or colleagues that makes you feel like 14 again? To be in love and loved by someone with the same dreams and visions as mine? To travel every 2nd month? Being a part of Malta’s fiestas with the most amazing fireworks, that looks like it’s Disney Land’s anniversary.

You see, the moments that really matter – the ones you’ll never forget… it’s when you’re truly in your heart can feel the joy. So thank you!