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Candidate’s story: Antti from Finland, living in Athens

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Greetings from Athens!

I am Antti and my educational degree is in construction I have been building houses for the past 10 years and the past four years as an entrepreneur. And during that time I have done other projects as an entrepreneur. I also completed my business degree during those years. 

While in Finland I was pondering my life and I felt stagnant for some reason. I knew I needed to make a change. For years I had been thinking about traveling more and even moving somewhere else in the world. I knew I needed to create a change of some sort in my life. So I made the decision that I will move somewhere warm. 

I came across an ad on Facebook about a job in Athens and I contacted Liisa to find out more information about the job. Liisa helped me with the application process and also answered many other questions that I had as I was considering taking a step toward a new chapter in my life. I had a job interview over Skype and they asked me when I was ready to start a new job. I had about two months that I needed to take care of everything in Finland before leaving. 

I gave up my apartment, sold my car and I sold pretty much everything I owned. All I kept was one luggage of clothing and my laptop. During this time I was also asked if I was able to start earlier, but I had to say no to those offers. The day to leave finally arrived and I was very excited about the changes coming to my life. The flight went well and there was a taxi waiting for me at the airport and the driver took me directly to the hotel. I had two days free to look around and then my training for work started. 

The first week went so quickly and I made many new friends and I felt very welcome. I had two weeks’ hotel accommodation and then a Spanish woman from my work came to tell me that they are looking for a flatmate, so now I am living with two flatmates. 

I had been at work only for one month and then my job offered to fly me and my colleague to Finland for a three-day training – all travel, taxis, and food of course paid! 

Now I have been working here for three months and also got a chance to do sightseeing and I have done cruises to the nearby Greek islands as well. It’s absolutely amazing to see and experience another culture and meet international people.  

I would recommend this to everyone: to see and explore the world. I am excitedly waiting for the adventures to come!  

All I want to say –  Remember that nothing changes unless you change something!