We create value, for both candidates and companies

Job Squad is a diverse, international team. This has the result that we are known with many different languages, places and cultures. We strive to find the best candidates for long-term employment. It is our aim to ensure a seamless onboarding process for both candidates as companies. We are dedicated to make the process from start to finish a great experience. We don’t stop when the candidate signs the contract, our mission goes beyond that! We will ensure that both parties are happy with the results, even after the first months. 

We work mainly with language-specific jobs and we offer jobs in over 7 different languages.

Kenneth Holmborg
International Recruiter
+45 61 31 47 47
he is a sex and the city kinda guy

Kenneth is born and raised in Esbjerg the fifth biggest city of Denmark and went on holiday camp on the small island Fanø, just 12 min Across the sea that gave the needed break from his sister and brother.
Because of this Kenneth always had a big desire for the get out in the world or just Europe because he is just a little afraid of flying, but it had never stopped him for getting on a new adventure,

In 2012 he went on guide school in Bodrum, that helped on the shy boy and have since lived in multiple Citys in Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Greece and the Czech Republic.

Kenneth is an international recruiter or some will say, matchmaker because he loves helping with a job that feels more like a lifestyle than a 9-5 job

Luciana Rossi
International Recruiter
+45 25 46 62 36
Loves to Travel Can´t do without chocolate Absolute fan of dogs

Luciana is from Argentina since high school she’s known that she wanted to work with people in the business world.

She studied Human Resources and after she finished her university career she decided to pack her bags and travel around Europe while at the same time studying a Master in Human resources and got international experience.

She worked for a small company in Argentina and for two of the biggest recognizable brands in the world, she like both the corporate and the Startup world!

“I guess I love to see the talents and abilities of each person and help them to find a job”

Lasse Bollerup
CSO, International Recruiter
+45 25 46 62 36
Spinola, Malta
Can cook 60 pasta dishes Startupaholic Thinks he can dance salsa

Lasse holds a background in Recruiting for some of the fastest growing Startups in Copenhagen.

He has worked since he was 16 and been involved in over 6 startups. He has taken part in various courses for talent development.

Lasse has travelled around in South America for 6 months and claims he speaks Spanish.


Linda J Sonnichsen
CMO, International Recruiter
+45 28 97 83 85
Spinola, Malta
Only Falls in flats Man U. fan Hate coriander

Linda holds a Degree in Brand building, A BA in Entrepreneurship and innovation and a Master in Creativity and Innovation.

She has lived in Denmark, France and currently Malta. She has been self-employed on and off since she was 16, in between she has worked within tourism, lobbyism and sales.

Linda is in charge of the Marketing and branding of Job Squad, besides that she loves to help people to get new jobs and support them in the life-changing experience!

Liisa Mannerkoski
International Recruiter
+34 633 594 339
Hates peanut butter Always seen with her dog Almost a vegetarian

Liisa was born in Finland and moved abroad for the first time as a 19-year-old to study business in Budapest, Hungary. She also has lived in the USA, UK, Malta and now in Spain. She received her degree in theatre in Los Angeles and always continues to learn new skills and improving herself.

Prior to joining Job Squad as a recruiter, Liisa has had long-standing work experience in performing arts in theatre and film industry. She loves arts and creativity. During her free time, she is often painting of writing spec screenplays.

The last five years she has enjoyed the beautiful international lifestyle with her fluffy rescue dog, who is also an avid traveller. She is very much looking forward to helping you to prepare for your job interview and has handy tips for living abroad, as she has experienced living in several. She loves helping people to follow their dreams and see the world!

Rosalie Roobol
International Recruiter
+45 28978385
Spinola, Malta
Crazy Vegan Extremely bad at Karaoke Grew up with cows & horses as bffs

She was born and raised on a quiet farm up north of Sweden and that made her want to get out and see the world and meet new people. At age 15  she started acting school in Stockholm where  she got rid of the shy girl she was before. After high school she worked with sales for 4 years and she thinks its thanks to the years of acting  she was very good at the art of sales. Moved to Greece at age 22 and lived there for a full year and had the time of my life. She have been to almost every country in Europe and also seen parts of Indonesia, Australia and Asia and hoping that she have seen the whole world at age 30. Biggest passion is volunteering for homeless animals, protesting against the meat industry and making a difference for the ones we share this planet with !

Isabelle Bjorkhall
International Recruiter
Im not sick- my voice is always cracked Obsessed with puppies I moved to spain only for tapas

Isabelle is from Sweden (but not very Swedish) she consider herself to be outgoing, a little bit crazy and a very fun human being to work with. She left Sweden 11 years ago and thought she was gonna be back in one year- well, that didn´t happen. she have a lot of experience within sales, HR and recruitment and she hoping to bring the skills she have learned through the years to help a lot of people getting their dream job abroad. She love hanging out by the beach, spending time with good friends and of course-food!

Romain Dancre
International Recruiter & Social media Ninja
+33 679778334
Lille, France
Also known as Big Foot Nothing beats a good Baguette Wants a pet penguin

Raised in the North of France between cows and outstanding weather, Romain is by far the tallest person of the Squad. Passionate of sport and food, he recently developed an interest in photography, and we are not talking about selfies.

Romain is the inhouse social media Ninja, besides that he can help you with a job all around. Romain has a passion for travelling, and you will often find him on the go, visiting new destinations.

This 2-times France Basketball Champion has worked for many different associations in his business school and also worked for various companies over the years. From a multinational sports retailer to a smoothie stand or a Duty-Free store, our Frenchman has experienced many different workplaces and apparently developed a few skills (Legends say he makes the best smoothies in France).

P.S: We say “Pain au Chocolat” not “Chocolatine”

Sara Aladellie
Delivery Manager
I don’t sing in the shower…I perform

With a background as Virtual Assistant Sara has joined the team to secure a smooth and continuity in our communication both internally and externally.

She is a proactive individual trained in the continuously changing world of hospitality management with excellent communication skills in intercultural interactions with a strong customer service orientation and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

Sara is here to support the Squad performing at its highest level, and we could not do it without her!

Sara holds an MBA and has previously worked as consultant and project coordinator for the Stockholm Metro.


Marine Sota
International Recruiter
+33 6 59101424
Spinola, Malta
Makes 4 meals a day Loves sports, but only on TV Loves Magic System

She was born in France 25 years ago. She has been living in Malta for almost 2 years, she loves living by the sea, in the sun. She has been working in iGaming and has great knowledge to the field of Customer Service.

It’s good to live on this little rock. Marine love to travel and discover landscapes but she hate hiking.

Want to work with us?

Do you genuinely enjoy helping others? Do you get a fuzzy feeling when you know that you have had a great impact on someone’s life by kick-starting their career and even taking it to the next level? Have you ever or wanted to take the opportunity to work or travel away from home to start your own adventure? Our mission is to empower and engage young people to take chances for their future, by challenging them to accept jobs overseas as well as career and self-development abroad.

We have jobs and positions from all over Europe in a constantly expanding and ever-growing variety of languages. This means we are always looking to build upon the existing team and have more incredible people join the Squad. Almost everyone here at Job Squad has a different background, from iGaming to Sales, Language tourism to Marketing and some having no prior experience in recruiting. We always look for the potential recruiter in everyone, a spark so to speak, and then we provide in-depth training and extensive mentorship by providing you with the skills to be an awesome recruiter.


So, how about it? Would you like to join the Squad?

Our History

Job Squad was founded by a couple of young Danish entrepreneurs with a passion for recruitment and HR. One has years of experience in corporate recruitment, the other is startup obsessed with more than 4 of these young businesses to his name. Both of these young mavericks came together with their shared experiences to create Job Squad, a personal recruitment agency with a corporate twist. Job Squad’s vision was to create career opportunities for Europeans across borders, that will strengthen and develop their personality and career diversity. By breaking down borders and bringing on a wide variety of clients and positions we try to make sure there’s a position for everyone.


In the beginning, Job Squad didn’t have an office or even a set place for everyone to work. In Denmark, we were a part of an incubator office with several other start-ups which provided a very good mentality and space for those working there. Meanwhile, in Malta, we internet-hopped from cafe’s to burger joints, apartments to restaurants and everything in between. The office travelled with us and we simply chased whatever internet connection we could find. We did this for 2 months before finally finding what would be become our new office in Spinola, St Julians.   

The team is split between the three destinations, but with the majority preferring a warmer sunnier climate, the team in Malta is the largest. Despite the long distance, the three offices are extremely close and are in constant communication sharing news, updates and candidates to ensure everything is seamless and efficient for both candidates and clients. Every member of the Job Squad is incredibly passionate about recruitment and we always make sure to have fun with everything we do, from the random boyband power hours to group lunches and sing-alongs. We here at Job Squad like to think of ourselves as professionals without the formality, after all, we are here to here to help and make sure both job hunt and placement is as pleasant and seamless as possible.


Team info

The team here at Job Squad is incredibly diverse from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities but none the less, we all have a few things in common. We here at Job Squad all share values which we display in our work ethic and how we deal with both clients and candidates. From a deep-rooted passion for recruitment followed closely by the genuine desire to help others while always being an honest and upfront with steadfast moral values for all of our clients and candidates, to also having fun and injecting humour into everything that we do. The office atmosphere is always warm, light and fun, there’s always music in the office and banter regularly flies from side to the other. We’re always professional but rarely formal.

The office nurtures an atmosphere of self-improvement where certain hours of the week the team put their pens away and turn their phones upside down to learn something new through a book, podcast or an article. Every week on Friday, one member of the team gives a TED talk about what they have learnt and how it helped them personally improve their recruitment skills or themselves in general. We encourage questions and actively look for new methods and techniques to keep us ahead in the industry, the Squad’s different employee backgrounds bring an amazing diversity and way of thinking to the company and that is something always welcome here at Job Squad.